Jan. 10th, 2010

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For Florida anyway. I know, I know. Anyone remotely north of the state is laughing at us for freaking out about flurries. Here's some perspective: It officially snowed in Jacksonville, FL just about 20 years ago. Seeing as I'm 24, and I was 4 or 5 at the time, I think this amazing cold weather is kinda an anniversary of some kind.

I like to pretend that old saying "When Hell freezes over" applies in this case. I have this great scene where Jesus and a few of his closest Angel friends somehow punked Lucifer that winter.

J-man: Dudes, I have the BEST idea this year.
Angel-Dude: Is it better than the pig thing?
Angel-Bro: Oh! Oh! Man! Dude, man! I. Freaking. LOVE. The pig thing. Holla for some Hell-Pit BBQ!
J-man: ...No. Better. We're making it SNOW in Florida!
Angel-Dude: ...
Angel-Bro: ...
J-man: It's genius, I know. Lucifer won't see this coming. This is going to be, wait for it .... LEGENDARY!!1!
Angel-Bro: ...Then we can grab some pig at Sonny's, right?

Somehow, Jesus became Neil Patrick Harris in "How I Met Your Mother" there. I'm not saying sorry, ha!

The next instance I can remember of extreme cold weather happened only about 5-6 years after that when it flurried. It was such an amazing moment that my elementary school stopped classes and let us go out and run around in the Trying Really Hard To Be Real Snow. It was a great ten minutes.

So, this year, 2010, with it's insane cold weather snap, J-man and his posse must be partying it up in remembrance of their totally awesome prank on Lucifer. Only, you know, Father-God didn't really approve of his party-hardy son changing weather patterns just for laughs, and only allowed J-man to flurry across Florida. Because Father-God still luls to himself that the prank worked all those years ago. He's a big softy, really.

In other news: My Kalua Brownie Car Cake was a smashing success!!

It was Nomed in under 10 mins. People wanted seconds! I feel proud and really happy K loved her cake.

Ok. Back to couch nesting and finishing the last episode of Being Human (I can safely say I love Russell Tovey. If I have to deal with him being a Ianto replacement to Jack, I can handle it. It's just creepy how much he can look like GDL sometimes. Russell is adorkable though)


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