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It didn't take 3 months this time! What impresses me more is that I was using a brand new program that at one point didn't save 2 full minutes of this vid. Oi. I had to start all over but managed to get everything back to the way I had it. That one, major, glitch aside I completely recommend using Sony Vegas Movie Maker. It has a built-in tutorial system that is the best I've ever seen. Seriously. I learned more from following it than I did my editing professor. Another perk? It allows .avi files unlike Adobe Premier (I still don't know why they did that). And! It doesn't make tons of bulky files that fill up your HD.

So without further ado:
Title: Just Have Fun
Song: "Let It Happen" by Jimmy Eat World
Summary: The Master reveling in his own brilliance. I was going for serious but an odd humor in it.
Spoilers: Oh, just the entire ending of Series 3. Utopia, The Sound of Drums, The Last of the Time Lords

Chances are as ridiculously pleased as I am with this, I will come back to this at a much later date and tweek it around a bit. It never hurts to go over beginner projects.
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Hey, hey! Lookit this! Another post in the same year. Amazing!

I have just finished my first fanvid project, and I figured posting it around is appropriate. I mean, what's the fun in making a fan-ish thing and not sharing it with others?

The end has come for Nine, facing off against a legion of Daleks. Rose, the golden girl, risks everything by looking into the Time Vortex wishing to return to him. To save him. As the Doctor starts to slip, light and energy explode behind him. The Bad Wolf has come. Nine looks to this gorgeous, golden creature and sees his Rose, remembers how everything has come to this. Captain Jack Harkness fights to the last. As he dies, he remembers how it all started and why he made his choice to die fighting for these people. Bad Wolf reaches out to him, to save him as well. Then, everything, comes to dust. Time and fate all loop back onto each other, creating a Perfect Halo.

It's a Doctor Who video, mainly focusing on Nine and Rose towards the end of the first season. If you haven't watched the first season and don't want to be spoiled, please don't view this then. You've been warned. I admit I am a fangirl of the Doctor/Rose relationship and proud of it! Having grown up watching Classic Who, I was very happy with the new series.

I made this vid as practice (first time doing something like this!) and for my best friend Keara, whom I've gotten to fall in love with Nine.

Music is Snow Patrol, and this song, I swear, was made for this. It's so beautiful, and fits it. Pay attention to the beats! I tried experimenting with specific moments syncing up to the music.

All properties are owned by their respective owners (BBC, Snow Patrol). The only thing I claim is my love for the show and music, as well has my imagination to puzzle this video together.


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