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....or make you have to change your underwear from laughing so hard you wee yourself a bit.

I love John Barrowman. I'm sure you all didn't know that, so to prove it I'll say it again: I love John Barrowman.

He's had a rather incredible life with plenty of dreams coming true for himself. One dream in particular was to host a Saturday night variety/entertainment show and last year that dream became a reality. Tonight's The Night aired for six episodes and focused on the common person's dreams and hopes of performing. John Barrowman became "Mr. Saturday Night" and made those dreams possible for very deserving people. On top of all that, he allowed people to be recognized or thanked, or just generally shown how loved they were by their family and friends; all on British national television.

This show has real heart. This show will make you bawl one moment and have you dancing the next. This show is undeniably John Barrowman. What's more important is that all of it is happening because John wants to give back and make the average person happy. He loves everyone as much as they love him. I'm in awe of this special guy.

So how ecstatic was I when a second series of TTN was announced last month? VERY DAMN EXCITED, that's how much.

There's a trailer out for it, link Tweeted by JB himself, linked below the cut.

There's also a clip released of one John's (now famous) hidden camera moments where he goes undercover to surprise the totally unaware nominee for the show. And that is the reason I've put this post together. See, the clip is on the BBC iPlayer which means us Yanks can't watch it.

Good thing I'm devious enough to get it to play for me >:]

So here's another round of: LOOK AT THIS! THIS, LOOK AT IT!

Chief Steward, Francis Stryder, kindly directs you to click the cut for further LOLZ )

This man is truly a gift to the world.
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I'm doing research for a certain project and that involved lots of image trolling from Teh Interwebz. I am TERRIFIED OF THIS LITTLE GIRL.

First, let me say, I'm only vaguely aware of who Shirley Temple is. I grew up ordering the drink when going to bars with my dad, if that gives you any reference point.

I understand America clung to her as the movie industry started to explode and people needed escapes during the Depression. What better fantastical escapism could you ask for than an adorable child movie star that could do everything?

She sang, she danced, she made America fall in love with her. So why on God's Green Earth(tm) does this exist?! :
(Don't go below the cut if you're not in a position of easily explaining this away. i.e anywhere. I kid. No, really, NSFW)

I can't even ... )

I'll give you a description if you can't open the link. It's a poster/cover of some kind with a painted Shirley Temple wearing nothing (no really) except for jackboots, a peaked cap, a medal, and holding a riding crop. All with the backdrop of a swastika. The title of the production seems to be lolariously: What is it?

I don't know why this exists or what it exists for. It doesn't look like some modern rendition or statement. Anyway, I'm babbling because I just had such a OMGWTF moment I needed to exorcise my soul. I can't imagine this being ok artwork in 1930's Hollywood (See: Production Code, aka Hayes Code), as the image attached seems to be more appropriate for the era. Which is disgusting too, but hey, it's history.

(...objectifying wot?)
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Holy shit! How've I pulled that one off?

I've been dreading today. Not because of cliche age worries, but because Mom was coming within my personal space for the first time since the Big Email Debate of a few weeks ago. I can happily report nothing exploded, was broken, or money was needed for bail. (I seriously was worried about any of that happening today.)

It was bizarre, actually. She only started to cause an issue twice for the entire time she was here. Dadius, aka Gibbs from NCIS, stepped in and talked over her and gave her The Eye. Other than that it was a pleasant dinner at the Ale House. In fact, it was a GREAT night because beer was available (Blue Moon + Bud Lite = yes pls)

Also here's another round of:


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 Over the last couple months I have been slowly (oh, so so slowly) watching Doctor Who from its very beginning. I'm talking Doctor One here. 

Anyway, keeping in mind this is 1963, a TV show and British SciFi, I have been loving it! William Hartnell plays the very "Get off my lawn!" old man Doctor, but there's a twinkle in his eye you can't help falling in love with.

Isn't that so like the Doctor?

My favorite bit about watching these old episodes is playing "Find the String" or, sit and giggle at the model making and inventive ways to make something "other"

This clip. This precious, glorious clip, summarizes what makes Early Classic Who so worth it.  Just watch up to about 02:18:00 (it's about six minutes long in total as it's the last section of the full episode) that's all I've gotten to so far.

Pay attention to 01:13:00 for DW Monster Craft at its finest, and then at 01:52:00 ... I don't need to explain why.

It's too amazing.

I hope you're laughing, because I was fucking wetting myself when the Brains in Jars started SCREAMING their eye stalks off. *wipes tear* Oh, Doctor Who. I love you so much.
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 I'ma going to state first: I am an incredible idiot.


For practically cutting my workout cold turkey for almost two weeks ,because I didn't think having the proper food to keep the calorie burn up would work. Looking back I should have done something small at least. Light Yoga, or stretching. Nope. I was inflicted with Cousin Fred and wrote off working out because, well, any female can explain it to you. Then, I had a geek binge and bought Pokemon SoulSilver and the new Ace Attourney game with Miles Edgeworth for the DS. There went my epic grocery list getting cut down to essentials.

No matter, I said, for Monday I will start the week anew and get back on schedule. HAH.

Turns out I didn't need an alarm clock this morning, because Nasa thoughtfully took care of that for me. )
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Sweet Jesus Heroes is back on form!!

Look at this Carnie:


I may have developed somewhat of a new love for a new character with Samuel. Whomever was the one to conceive his character needs major congratulations. Seriously. They single handedly saved the show from sucking. The way the plot is going it's letting the characters they are focusing on grow, making everything much more interesting. At the center of it all is Samuel. He is literally the Ringleader to this circus. I love him. Of might be my not so-secret-epic-trenchcoat fetish. Really, his coat has nothing to do with it.
Yeah, I didn't buy that line either ;)


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