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...when Torchwood is no longer available to protect the planet from Rift activity.

Weird Creature Measures 6ft Long

"A mysterious creature horrified holidaymakers after it washed up on a beach on the Gower Peninsula in Wales. The writhing mass of tentacles, which measured at least 6ft from end to end. "

Cut Gwen some slack for this slip up. It's tough being a working mom. The saddest bit of this scenario is there will be no snarky commentary from the Captain :(
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I find it personally amazing that MONTHS after Torchwood's third season has aired's still haunting me. It has nothing to do with being an abnormal fan or the like. It was just a brilliant piece of entertainment/tv history that *got* to me and won't let me go. I mean this as sincerely as I can, it was an amazing piece of television.  Now. That being said, there is a major part of me that is conflicted with it and kinda hates it. No, it's not because someone in the cast dies, it's because after it was all over (hindsight's forever perfect) I was left feeling betrayed and wanting my proverbial money back. I felt cheated! This was NOT Torchwood. CoE may have paraded Gwen, Ianto, and Jack around in a shiny new format, but in the end... CoE was it's own universe where TW just happened to poke their noses in the wrong places.

I wish TW: CoE was minus the TW. )

Ok, now that I've babbled.

[ profile] thaddeusfavour has eloquently said everything that I felt about CoE. Really, you should read it if you want to understand what the hell I just spewed into this LJ.

This is exactly what I felt but was afraid to say after thinking everything over:

"Simply put, three and one half hours of brilliant television, followed by one and a half hours of complete crap."

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So my mind pretty much needed a vacation after CoE. I'm still settling my *exact* viewpoint on it. It's tough being a film student and a hardcore fan of a show. However, my film classes this semester are turning into therapy lol! I'm 100% serious about this too.

It's been just about a full month since classes started and I've managed to (somewhat) stick to my schedule I designed. I had a bit of a hiccup because of Labor Day throwing my week out of order on top of getting a bad sinus infection that knocked me out of the running for a few days. But! I'm back on track this week.

I've started biking to campus now. 1) Because I am trying to be a green-thinker 2) Because I really need the exorcise 3) Because I'm too flat-ass broke to buy a parking decal for campus. It works out well for me. I save money and get healthy all at the same time. I have no excuses to be lazy, I can make it to campus in 20 mins by biking.

So! Classes I am taking: Yoga, American Film Artist, Images of Women in Film, Film History, and Writing for T.V. and Film. Yup, that's 5. I love this semester though. Yoga is such a great thing to have first thing on Monday mornings (7:30a! @_@) and I am really learning a lot about my body and how much it's changed since high school. I used to be able to handstands and other postures that I am failing at now in class. It's nice to know I've retained most of my balance though, it's the muscles that have left me. American Film Artist is a fun class to end Mondays. We're studying 4 different directors this semester and are currently on Fosse! I also got to watch Chinatown again, which for me is love. Jack Nicholson was a handsome man in his day. On Tuesdays it's Images of Women in Film. Ula Stoeckle is my professor. She's from Germany and has directed many great movies of her own so she has TONS of information to pass on to the class. I really love her. She's a riot too! She's not afraid to say what she thinks and honestly wants us to tell her our opinions. Great teacher. Which brings me to Film History. My teacher is a European Ben Stine. He is a good prof, really he is, but I think he's missing the mark when it comes to what he's teaching us for 'Film History' ... if I didn't already have a grasp on the history of my chosen profession I wouldn't have a clue what this man is telling me. He shows us films with no clear idea of why they are important or progressive to the time line of motion pictures. He's making it into a Theory and Critique class (which he actually teaches as well....) I hope I pass with my paper that is worth the ENTIRETY of my grade!! Urgh.

My last class of the week deserves its own paragraph from the rest of the babble. Writing for Film and T.V. is my favorite class I have ever taken at UCF. My teacher, Peg O'Keefe is a nutcase. I love her. She makes the 3 hours we have to get through fly by and get this: I actually am learning useful things! No, really. I am. Unheard of until now at UCF, but really, she's making me learn important skills. Story, characters, just general writing and thinking are all being looked at and *taught*! Which ties me back to what I first said in this post. This class is therapy to me after CoE. It's honestly helping me figure out what I hated, loved and all that to really understand my reaction (and understand other's opinions) to it. We talked about Egri's "Moral Dilemma" yesterday. This single handedly gave me an epiphony about what was wrong with CoE. It wasn't Torchwood. I won't babble about this now, and I know people have already come to this conclusion while the show was airing, but to me, it finally hit me. To the basics of storytelling and characterization, CoE wasn't Torchwood. It used the characters and sets (*rolleyes*) but the base of the show wasn't Torchwood. So my class...we're working on our own film scripts as a overall semester project and final grade. It's our own stories and characters with our own writing that will hopefully turn into something I can show off if people ask for a sample of my work. Not that I'm dreaming of being a writer or anything. I'm just a sucker for creating stories and living with the characters.

Ignoring my stress-levels about how much money I owe, etc, etc, life is great this semester. Dadius is visiting tomorrow to go tailgating and beer tasting with me all day, ending with the UCF football game at night. I've missed him and me time. It's really needed. HE really needs it. I am so much more organized too! I have an organizer and everything! There are sticky notes with lists of crap I have to do. STICKY NOTES!! Oh god... I'm really growing up aren't I?


(I heard that whispered 'about time' from somewhere :P )
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From my own personal reactions, not to mention witnessing the fan community explode and implode at the same time, I think it's safe to beg for therapy now. This last week has been an amazing experience. I usually feel like Donna with events like this ("What have I missed now?!"). Not this time! I got to be a part of this roller coaster and I don't regret a single moment of it. Even the parts where I had to play mediator and be a babysitter to some very immature people in a chat box, oi!

Now, I watched CoE like everyone else did. One episode as it aired per day. It's now Saturday as I write this, and I fully plan on doing a full re-watch all at once. I just may be insane. Yes, there will be large amounts of alcohol consumed to get me through it. But I must do it. It's how I deal with traumatic events. Not to mention that the film student side of me is sobbing in pure joy at how brilliant CoE was. With that said, I plan on doing a little highlight by day reaction now, followed by an individual post for each episode with the pros and cons.

Oh, and have I mentioned I want to have Euros' babies? The man is a fucking genius!!!

Day 1
Note to self: I never want to be an alien hitchhiker. )

Day 2
Note to self: Be terrified of concrete. )

Day 3
Note to self: Baked beans =/= stopwatch. )

Day 4
Note to self: Make sure to rig an 'in case of emergency break glass' feature to any requested alien tanks I may receive in my lifetime. )

Day 5
Note to self: Never strip off your protective gear before rushing head first into a military riot beat down. )

So there you have it. A somewhat brief overview of my thoughts on the week. Like I said, not everything is mentioned as I plan on being oh so detailed later. As of right now? I have a grief nest to go build on the couch out of every soft blanket and stuffed animal I can find (including dog toys) while I prepare for the CoE marathon.

Depending on how badly I'm pissed later, will determine if I can get another reaction post up.


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