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This show has great ratings and award nominations all ready, but I firmly believe everyone should see this show.

Modern Family

Can't believe they're all related? Neither can they!

Why? Every line in this "mocumentary" is perfect. There is some serious talent with the writers, because if you are not laughing the entire way through the episode you have no soul. It's not just the witty dialogue though, it's all about the characters and thank god for that because the show would be an average comedy with anything less. I'm glad to report that the show stays focused on character driven stories all the way through it's first season instead of lagging at the end by focusing on sell-out jokes. You identify with these families, root for them, get extremely irritated, and just simply love them. Just like family.

Phil can never win. You love him anyway.

There is a huge cast involved here and each individual could be the star of the show. That's including the kids! The kid who plays Manny is going to go on and have a very successful life, because the character may be a kid who has more maturity than all cast combined, the kid still has to *act* it.

But the true reason everyone should see this show is because under all the comedy there are very important lessons being taught. I have to give props to ABC for taking the risk with a prime time American comedy show and giving serious screen time to a gay couple, Mitchell and Cam, who've adopted an asian baby girl, named Lily. Let alone, showing a *successful* gay couple that appear to be *real* people. I was boggling at the pilot for this, and yes, I'm not ashamed at all to admit it's one reason I stuck with the show.

Plus, when they do go for the gay jokes they are PERFECT comedy gold. They aren't afraid.

Yet, that's not the only risky thing ABC did with their cast. They also have one family comprised of a man in his late 50's married to a young Columbian woman in her (very) late 20's early 30's. This is just a nest full of interesting dynamics to display for the conservatives in the American audience. Me? I just love this family the most on the show:

Jay, Gloria, and her son Manny. (aka for those who know them: Miam, Reuh, and their son.)

All of the other families are hysterical and lovable in their respective ways, but if you want real comedy it's to be found here. Jay has the typical "Guy Who's Been Married Too Long" humor down, Gloria is the one really wearing the trousers and her latino temper causes many laughs, and then there's Manny. Oh, Manny. This child is something else. He's a little Casanova waiting to happen.... or the next President. He could honestly be either (or both).

It may be a comedy, but those deep lessons are still there. It teaches to love no matter the circumstances, and Jay and Gloria are clearly from two separate circumstances.

Also, on a more personal note, Gloria = Reuh. So much so I can't even. I've said many a time that this show is giving me a crack-world view into the lives of Miam and Reuh. You know, if they were actual humans married ... and not ...dragons...

Look at her! She has Reuh's looks *and* they keep putting her in leopard print clothing. I can't even. If Gloria was a bit shorter and more muscular, we'd have a dead ringer.

The last family is the traditional family, as in: Mother + Father + Children. Clair and Phil have three kids, Haley, Alex and Luke (the girly teen, the A+ student, and the erm, well, the boy is trying, honestly). This family rounds out the other dynamics, which is why I mention you'll identify with someone on this show. Phil is so gullible it hurts sometimes but will have you crying laughing at his attempts on whatever. Clair is the fierce mother trying to keep the circus together, but sometimes lets her OCD get the best of her.

But it all boils down to them trying to survive as a family. Any means necessary sometimes.

It's survival of the fittest in this family. Even the Christmas tree isn't safe as about 2 mins after this scene, Phil grandstands and drags the ENTIRE thing out of the room, canceling the holiday.

Everyone should watch this show not because it's funny, but because there's a lot of truth being shown. Cam and Mitchell have their ups and downs and are never played as The Gay Guys. Mitchell, who is really gay in real life, was a lawyer in the beginning of the season, very serious and acted relatively like a normal guy. Cam, who is really straight in real life, is totally the neon flaming sign of being gay. Well, I say that, but even then it's not over the top. Cam is Cam. He has his fun shirts and adorable mother hen/nesting moments with Lily and it's all very real. To prove the point, that picture earlier of the two, with the wall painting, was Cam's "surprise" for Mitchell when they first arrived home with Lily. Mitchell FLIPS out about having two gay fairies scaring Lily when she's trying to sleep. It's is both hysterical and telling all at the same time.

So, give it a chance. Watch this show. Your life will be better for it, I promise!

Clown Cam thanks you for your time. (The actor went to clown school irl!!)

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