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I completely realize it's been over a week now since I posted to the TV Meme, or made a post at all really. So here's a brief catchup for posterity's sake!

While it may not be a paying job, I am working on a "low budget" feature length film. That's in quotations because really, it's a student film being made for the MFA program at UCF but according to SAG rules it's a low budget feature. Which is pretty neat actually. Think about how awesome that's going to look on my resume!

Well, to people who don't know any better. I'm certain industry professionals will glance over it and immediately dismiss it as something not awesome of me to have done.

Personally, I could care less if a would-be resume reader wouldn't be impressed, because damnit, I'm having a blast! My original intention was to be the quiet PA in the back listening and learning everything I could. That laster for approximately two Art Department meetings. At that point I was quickly realizing I knew a bit more than any of the other Pa's and couldn't resist offering ideas, or stepping in to help. Because, really, you do not hammer a nail like that, and you do not sit/stand/walk/cut wood near a freshly painted wet flat. Logic people. But that's sounding too harsh. The whole group is a blast to work with and no one is stepping on anyone else's toes. They were all just doing what I originally intended, being quiet in the back, and looked for someone to tell them what to do.

Long, too many details to bother with time later: I am officially the Prop Master in the credits, as well as Production Designer Assistant, and Construction Adviser. :D

Hindsight forever being perfect: What the ballz was I thinking going into Digital Media for Computer Animation/Visual Language??! I mean, really. I was incredibly stupid to follow that path. Everyone has a "talent" or "set of skills" and mine has always clearly been in the line of theatre production.

I grew up with my dad in construction. I was Tech Director and Student Owner of the theatre in high school. This is in my blood! I have a really great film professor mentor by the name of Lisa Cook, who told me she firmly believes: "No one chooses film. It chooses you." She admitted that sounded cheesy, but I can confirm it's 100% true. This job isn't for everyone as it requires a shit ton of labor and more importantly patience. For any department.

Film has definitely chosen me, as I completely feel like I'm in love or something. I can't wait to get down to the tiny sound stage and work with that crew on this crazy ass script that will forever haunt me as being the one pointed to and asked: "Is that a porno?"

If only I were joking.

Having finished the first day of shooting yesterday (1 of 14), I can see how there's a great story in there. Somewhere. I'm still having a bit of a hard time getting past the production company being called "Orgasmatronic Studios" but that's UCF students for you. At least I can work on this with a straight face. I've had countless conversations now about semen, penises, and orgasms. Oh, yes.

The whole movie is going to be interesting, and it will be a ton of fun to watch the film and look at the sets and know where every nail, brush stroke, or amount of faith and prayers were used to hold them up.

The movie: Bad Pixels

It's the beginning of a huge step in the awesome direction for my life. Now, if I could just get a damn film job that pays me to do what I love, I'll feel as if I've actually succeeded at this tricky life thing.
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Ok, The LJ.

I am off on my ADVENTUR to J-ville. I have been promised a girly weekend of massages, beaches, and kick ass food! ( <3 [ profile] cakely_yours )

Also, the film meeting went well this morning. The director is hysterical and made an oath to keep everyone having fun on set. I'm part of the art department, just a PA, but this promises to turn into A LOT of work. Fun work. Non-paid work. But FUN work! :D

Off I go, into the wild blue yonder...

And yes, the hat I am wearing is my adorable white cowboy hat.
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...when Torchwood is no longer available to protect the planet from Rift activity.

Weird Creature Measures 6ft Long

"A mysterious creature horrified holidaymakers after it washed up on a beach on the Gower Peninsula in Wales. The writhing mass of tentacles, which measured at least 6ft from end to end. "

Cut Gwen some slack for this slip up. It's tough being a working mom. The saddest bit of this scenario is there will be no snarky commentary from the Captain :(
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 I'ma going to state first: I am an incredible idiot.


For practically cutting my workout cold turkey for almost two weeks ,because I didn't think having the proper food to keep the calorie burn up would work. Looking back I should have done something small at least. Light Yoga, or stretching. Nope. I was inflicted with Cousin Fred and wrote off working out because, well, any female can explain it to you. Then, I had a geek binge and bought Pokemon SoulSilver and the new Ace Attourney game with Miles Edgeworth for the DS. There went my epic grocery list getting cut down to essentials.

No matter, I said, for Monday I will start the week anew and get back on schedule. HAH.

Turns out I didn't need an alarm clock this morning, because Nasa thoughtfully took care of that for me. )
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This morning I had a coffee meeting with my old film mentor, Prof-L, and my good friend J. I seriously owe SO much to J, as she's been the one to keep me in the loop as far as film work is concerned. Now we're both seriously discussing our next big step: moving to LA!!

Fixed with cut because I was lazy at work last night. )

Yeah, we'll see how successful this turns out. Why can't I have awesome organized days everyday? I'll stop babbling now as I want to nap (at work) before our biggest room turn around at 10p.

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For Florida anyway. I know, I know. Anyone remotely north of the state is laughing at us for freaking out about flurries. Here's some perspective: It officially snowed in Jacksonville, FL just about 20 years ago. Seeing as I'm 24, and I was 4 or 5 at the time, I think this amazing cold weather is kinda an anniversary of some kind.

I like to pretend that old saying "When Hell freezes over" applies in this case. I have this great scene where Jesus and a few of his closest Angel friends somehow punked Lucifer that winter.

J-man: Dudes, I have the BEST idea this year.
Angel-Dude: Is it better than the pig thing?
Angel-Bro: Oh! Oh! Man! Dude, man! I. Freaking. LOVE. The pig thing. Holla for some Hell-Pit BBQ!
J-man: ...No. Better. We're making it SNOW in Florida!
Angel-Dude: ...
Angel-Bro: ...
J-man: It's genius, I know. Lucifer won't see this coming. This is going to be, wait for it .... LEGENDARY!!1!
Angel-Bro: ...Then we can grab some pig at Sonny's, right?

Somehow, Jesus became Neil Patrick Harris in "How I Met Your Mother" there. I'm not saying sorry, ha!

The next instance I can remember of extreme cold weather happened only about 5-6 years after that when it flurried. It was such an amazing moment that my elementary school stopped classes and let us go out and run around in the Trying Really Hard To Be Real Snow. It was a great ten minutes.

So, this year, 2010, with it's insane cold weather snap, J-man and his posse must be partying it up in remembrance of their totally awesome prank on Lucifer. Only, you know, Father-God didn't really approve of his party-hardy son changing weather patterns just for laughs, and only allowed J-man to flurry across Florida. Because Father-God still luls to himself that the prank worked all those years ago. He's a big softy, really.

In other news: My Kalua Brownie Car Cake was a smashing success!!

It was Nomed in under 10 mins. People wanted seconds! I feel proud and really happy K loved her cake.

Ok. Back to couch nesting and finishing the last episode of Being Human (I can safely say I love Russell Tovey. If I have to deal with him being a Ianto replacement to Jack, I can handle it. It's just creepy how much he can look like GDL sometimes. Russell is adorkable though)
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HAH! I wish it had!

The irony hasn't missed me that I post about the multiple attempts on my life in one day, then .... nothing for almost a whole month.

I'm alive!! They still haven't gotten me!

The Great Noming of Turkey event distracted me from my normal routine even more. In fact, I think the only reason I'm posting this at all is because I'm trying to procrastinate working on my Finals' projects. I don't want to write 2500 words on Godard movies! I can't STAND his movies!! *crai* I'm sure I'll accomplish the goal however. Especially since [ profile] cakely_yours (who really can't understand how amazing she really is!) gifted me a 16gb 1st Gen iTouch for Christmas!!!!

Freak out doesn't even begin to describe my reaction to it.

Also, I'm hopelessly addicted to the bugger. I have no clear memory of how I effectively scheduled my life Pre-Awesome compared to my ridiculously organized life Post-Awesome. I certainly wouldn't be making it through these projects without the thing. I still need to give the iTouch a proper name though...It deserves it.

Anyway, I have Step Outlines to revise and finalize, script pages to write, French movie makers to drag across glass. Well, maybe not so much on the last bit if I want a decent passing grade!
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You tried. You really did. You almost succeeded in killing me today, but I stand the victor!


I'm going to go kill things in my game I risked life and limb for now.
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I know I'm supposed to already be in my car, driving to work...but this is just too hysterical not to post:

Teen Charged With Throwing Deadly Missile - A Burrito


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I survived Halloween Horror Nights! :D BE PROUD!

We arrived a little late so I wasn't able to go into the Wolfman house like I wanted, but oh well. Getting to see the Rocky Horror Tribute and Bill n' Ted's show was well worth the ticket.

There was discussion between K and me about John Barrowman playing either Rocky Horror or Tim Curry's role, Dr. Frank N. Furter. Much Lol's ensued.

Oh. And the Nazi Zombies. That's right. Nazi. Zombies. (I actually really hate zombies but these were made of win!) They were in one of the first scare zones as we entered the park. Naturally, I was working on chugging my $6 (WTF) beer in efforts to get drunk as quickly as possible. As we made it to the end of the zone I hear this yell from my left: "AMERICAN BEER! AHH!" *GUNFIRE!!!* A Nazi-zombie was camped out on top of a supply jeep shooting at me! It was so awesome. I yelled back, a little tipsy at this point, "It's YUENGLING!!" in a 'duh' like manner. The Zombie grinned at me, to which I immediately looked at the can and had to facepalm.

Ok. So I forgot Yuengling is apparently "America's Oldest Beer" Meh. It was delicious and I got a nazi-zombie to yell at me. :P

In other news:

ADAM LAMBERT, the guy I'm trying not be a weird fangirl over, is apparently recording a song for the 2012 soundtrack. The movie 2012. The movie that all my friends are stating I'm not allowed to see because I drove them crazy with end of the world theories for a year. Oh well. Gotta see it now! *wink*

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There. That's better.


Script assignment done! now I'm off to hunt a parking space.
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It started with Gackt. I can only make so many guesses as to *why* on that one before the plain obvious just smacks me in the head. It then evolved into John Barrowman. Well, I shouldn't say JB, it's really Jack Harkness, but the love for JB is bountiful from Soku. Now there's a new boy he's dying for. Ok, maybe it's not at that stage yet, but the embers have sparked and I am desperately trying not to fan the flames on this one.

Have you SEEN Adam Lambert? Which is only slightly higher on the list than listening to him. Oh. My. God. This guy can sing!

He's American...and openly gay...and he was on American Idol....AND! (this is the most important part to me really) People love him! They seem to be looking past the gay issue. It gives me the warm feeling of hope in my chest for America.

Which brings me back to Soku. It's common knowledge he has a 'thing' for leather, and a bit of the dramatic-goth look. I've seen him swing from yelling at Gackt for stealing his style because "Those are MY pants, damnit!"  to gushing over JB when Soku was in a more er, calmer stage of life. Not that Soku started wearing slacks and braces. Hell no. He's quite often found in just his boxers dozing on the couch. Bum. Then I accidentally came across Adam Lambert. I can see that spark in Soku again.... he's REALLY digging this kid's choice of clothing and I'm fairly certain I will be witnessing a rebirth of overly sexy, black leather clad Soku prancing around. But, in a badass way of course ;)

And it's my fault.

I was reading this amazing TW fic and got curious about the author. Turned into her LJ being overwhelmed by this kid's face. That's all it took. Well, that and me being curious and googling "Adam Lambert on John Barrowman" in context of what his thoughts, if any, were on JB. Not, you know *on* on, just ....sigh, Soku is so bad for me. Anyway! It produced some fun finds, but this is my favorite:

"Adam Lambert Feeling Good


Torchwood heartthrob John Barrowman covered it for his 2007 album Another Side. British alt rock band Muse covered the song a few years back and had their version promptly snarfed by Nescafe in a no-permission fashion which apparently resulted in an out of court settlement. The version of “Feeling Good” which Adam Lambert performed so beautifully on American Idol appears to be the Muse arrangement of the song." - source

I'll give you a minute to digest those three loaded sentences.


Still there? YES! JB, one of my fav songs ("Feeling Good"), Muse, and Adam Lambert all in one go. More importantly, MUSE MADE A COVER OF IT! I'm desperately trying to track it down atm, so wish me luck.

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So here I am gearing up to ride to campus. There's a cool front moving through the state bringing blessed dry cool air to us. The skies are forecasted to be absolutely blue and clear, with temps reaching high 80's to low 90's. It's a perfect day to bike.

It's currently raining and thundering outside.

To my shock, because I myself witnessed the beauty of the day this morning, I heard thunder while working on some homework. I pulled up the local news stations' website to check the radar and what do I see? The *only* rain cloud in the ENTIRE state is sitting over my area. It is POURING outside. and I have to leave in 10 mins to make it to class on time if I bike. *sigh* This is my life, let me show you it. Seriously.

I've now dubbed this the "Overachiever Storm" as this little rain cloud apparently got his scheduling wrong, or just wanted to suck up to the big man and prove how awesome of a rain cloud he can be. I imagine his friends are laughing at him for this. I mean, really, he did kinda blew his load a little early on this one.
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Hey kids!

So I made it to class sorta on time. I also was gifted a parking ticket for my troubles. Boo. But, honestly... I should of had around 4 at this point since I've gotten away with parking this last week.

The movie we watched today isn't a favorite of mine. It's going to fall into that category of "Watched once, got the moral, please no more." I'm not certain if it is just this semester but the French are not getting any points with me. First was a mind-fuck of Godard (yes, yes he's brilliant, move along) and now there was this depressing movie about virginity. Ever seen "Fat Girl" dir. Catherine Breillat? I'm really torn on it. I can't say I liked it but then again it was a strong movie for the message it was giving: If men can 'practice' with all sorts of women before marriage, why can't women? Why are women not allowed to lose their virginity when men get made fun of for *not* losing it? Powerful stuff. The film made a good platform for the argument even if third of it is driving down a highway being scared by semi-trucks. No, really. Oh, and another third is watching a young girl fall for the most blatant lines given by a guy who had already admitted to just being horny. Ugh. Still, point made. Score for the film.

Dinner has been made and I am awesome for achieving it! I got a little adventurous in the kitchen by breading some chicken strips (never done before), boiling up some shell pasta, then adding a Cabernet Marinara from Newman's Own. It is DELICIOUS! I was feeling really great about the whole thing up until it came time to add the pasta sauce.

Which is when the glass jar's rim shattered as I unscrewed the lid. Glass, EVERYWHERE!

So now I'm sitting here waiting for another ep of True Blood to load chewing carefully because I just KNOW that one little sliver of glass made it into the shells.


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No biking yesterday or today because Florida has decided to act like itself again and RAIN. Damnit. I'm actually missing biking to campus. Who the hell am I, and why am I enjoying the exorcise? Did I mention it's sunny and raining at the same time? Yeah. Thanks for being a hypocrite FL. Stay classy.

Which reminds me I'm almost late now for my Women in Film class. Gotta drive. Grr. But I didn't get on here to complain, I meant to post this:

Gareth David-Lloyd in a Sherlock Holmes movie.

That's right. Though, I'm not sure which character he's playing Sherlock or Watson, it doesn't matter. What matters is he's in it and mostly this: GIANT MONSTERS ATTACKING LONDON. 

Thank you.

That is all.


Sep. 21st, 2009 09:56 am
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Not only did I make it to my yoga class somewhat on time, I didn't get a parking ticket either! :D

I still haven't bought one, and I'm kinda considering just foregoing it all together. I'm getting great exorcise from biking everywhere. Plus, I really don't want to spend 40 dollars ... hmm. Altogether a good start to the day. A good start to the week.

(We'll see how positive I am when I get back from class around 9:30-10p tonight!)

I managed to get some variety in my diet for this morning's breakfast: Oatmeal! That's right. Something else besides just coffee. I was very proud of myself. Now I have a whole hour+ to get some cleaning done before I need to bike to work. Also, Dadius left a huge bundle of oak tree limbs to throw away. I'm thinking about sifting through them to see if I can use anything for whatever creative purpose I can come up with. What can I say...if I were a hobo I'd be running the block. I'm that much of a pack-rat ;)
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Arrrr.....ARRRR!!! Tis be talk like a pirate day!


Which is perfect for what's planned today. Dadius is already in the area as I just talked to him on the phone while he's at the grocery store down on the corner. We have a day of partying and drinking ahead of us! Tailgating starts at noon for the football game at 7:30p, and perhaps somewhere in the middle we're going to a beer festival. Yar. I'm excited about tasting some good grog!

Ah! The doorbell has rung. I'm shipping off, ye landlubbers!
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So my mind pretty much needed a vacation after CoE. I'm still settling my *exact* viewpoint on it. It's tough being a film student and a hardcore fan of a show. However, my film classes this semester are turning into therapy lol! I'm 100% serious about this too.

It's been just about a full month since classes started and I've managed to (somewhat) stick to my schedule I designed. I had a bit of a hiccup because of Labor Day throwing my week out of order on top of getting a bad sinus infection that knocked me out of the running for a few days. But! I'm back on track this week.

I've started biking to campus now. 1) Because I am trying to be a green-thinker 2) Because I really need the exorcise 3) Because I'm too flat-ass broke to buy a parking decal for campus. It works out well for me. I save money and get healthy all at the same time. I have no excuses to be lazy, I can make it to campus in 20 mins by biking.

So! Classes I am taking: Yoga, American Film Artist, Images of Women in Film, Film History, and Writing for T.V. and Film. Yup, that's 5. I love this semester though. Yoga is such a great thing to have first thing on Monday mornings (7:30a! @_@) and I am really learning a lot about my body and how much it's changed since high school. I used to be able to handstands and other postures that I am failing at now in class. It's nice to know I've retained most of my balance though, it's the muscles that have left me. American Film Artist is a fun class to end Mondays. We're studying 4 different directors this semester and are currently on Fosse! I also got to watch Chinatown again, which for me is love. Jack Nicholson was a handsome man in his day. On Tuesdays it's Images of Women in Film. Ula Stoeckle is my professor. She's from Germany and has directed many great movies of her own so she has TONS of information to pass on to the class. I really love her. She's a riot too! She's not afraid to say what she thinks and honestly wants us to tell her our opinions. Great teacher. Which brings me to Film History. My teacher is a European Ben Stine. He is a good prof, really he is, but I think he's missing the mark when it comes to what he's teaching us for 'Film History' ... if I didn't already have a grasp on the history of my chosen profession I wouldn't have a clue what this man is telling me. He shows us films with no clear idea of why they are important or progressive to the time line of motion pictures. He's making it into a Theory and Critique class (which he actually teaches as well....) I hope I pass with my paper that is worth the ENTIRETY of my grade!! Urgh.

My last class of the week deserves its own paragraph from the rest of the babble. Writing for Film and T.V. is my favorite class I have ever taken at UCF. My teacher, Peg O'Keefe is a nutcase. I love her. She makes the 3 hours we have to get through fly by and get this: I actually am learning useful things! No, really. I am. Unheard of until now at UCF, but really, she's making me learn important skills. Story, characters, just general writing and thinking are all being looked at and *taught*! Which ties me back to what I first said in this post. This class is therapy to me after CoE. It's honestly helping me figure out what I hated, loved and all that to really understand my reaction (and understand other's opinions) to it. We talked about Egri's "Moral Dilemma" yesterday. This single handedly gave me an epiphony about what was wrong with CoE. It wasn't Torchwood. I won't babble about this now, and I know people have already come to this conclusion while the show was airing, but to me, it finally hit me. To the basics of storytelling and characterization, CoE wasn't Torchwood. It used the characters and sets (*rolleyes*) but the base of the show wasn't Torchwood. So my class...we're working on our own film scripts as a overall semester project and final grade. It's our own stories and characters with our own writing that will hopefully turn into something I can show off if people ask for a sample of my work. Not that I'm dreaming of being a writer or anything. I'm just a sucker for creating stories and living with the characters.

Ignoring my stress-levels about how much money I owe, etc, etc, life is great this semester. Dadius is visiting tomorrow to go tailgating and beer tasting with me all day, ending with the UCF football game at night. I've missed him and me time. It's really needed. HE really needs it. I am so much more organized too! I have an organizer and everything! There are sticky notes with lists of crap I have to do. STICKY NOTES!! Oh god... I'm really growing up aren't I?


(I heard that whispered 'about time' from somewhere :P )


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