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This morning I had a coffee meeting with my old film mentor, Prof-L, and my good friend J. I seriously owe SO much to J, as she's been the one to keep me in the loop as far as film work is concerned. Now we're both seriously discussing our next big step: moving to LA!!

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Yeah, we'll see how successful this turns out. Why can't I have awesome organized days everyday? I'll stop babbling now as I want to nap (at work) before our biggest room turn around at 10p.

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Another productive spurt of energy used up which has ended with the reward of a warm bowl of delicious leftover noms and more clean dishes.

Funny story: in my drug induced floating around the house I swore to god someone was in my house with me. Speaking Spanish. I searched for a good 10 minutes, knife in hand, for anyone. Turns out my walls are a LOT less soundproof than I first thought, and my neighbors are having their yard ripped up and landscaped or something. I dunno. It's too cold, and I'm too sick to go investigate if any damage is happening to my own property.

I loled at myself a bit though.

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God, last year was definitely not a good year for my characters.

No one die in '10 plskthxbai. (Roy, I'm looking at you, pal)

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There is a LJ app! This is (limited in features) quite awesome because since I'm fighting this flu/chest infection/girly time you can imagine anything requiring me to get out of my nest on my couch is not happening. I did manage to get the dishes done so I can say something was accomplished other than breathing freely today.

God Bless Hulu )

OK! Let us see if this app really works.

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