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I completely realize it's been over a week now since I posted to the TV Meme, or made a post at all really. So here's a brief catchup for posterity's sake!

While it may not be a paying job, I am working on a "low budget" feature length film. That's in quotations because really, it's a student film being made for the MFA program at UCF but according to SAG rules it's a low budget feature. Which is pretty neat actually. Think about how awesome that's going to look on my resume!

Well, to people who don't know any better. I'm certain industry professionals will glance over it and immediately dismiss it as something not awesome of me to have done.

Personally, I could care less if a would-be resume reader wouldn't be impressed, because damnit, I'm having a blast! My original intention was to be the quiet PA in the back listening and learning everything I could. That laster for approximately two Art Department meetings. At that point I was quickly realizing I knew a bit more than any of the other Pa's and couldn't resist offering ideas, or stepping in to help. Because, really, you do not hammer a nail like that, and you do not sit/stand/walk/cut wood near a freshly painted wet flat. Logic people. But that's sounding too harsh. The whole group is a blast to work with and no one is stepping on anyone else's toes. They were all just doing what I originally intended, being quiet in the back, and looked for someone to tell them what to do.

Long, too many details to bother with time later: I am officially the Prop Master in the credits, as well as Production Designer Assistant, and Construction Adviser. :D

Hindsight forever being perfect: What the ballz was I thinking going into Digital Media for Computer Animation/Visual Language??! I mean, really. I was incredibly stupid to follow that path. Everyone has a "talent" or "set of skills" and mine has always clearly been in the line of theatre production.

I grew up with my dad in construction. I was Tech Director and Student Owner of the theatre in high school. This is in my blood! I have a really great film professor mentor by the name of Lisa Cook, who told me she firmly believes: "No one chooses film. It chooses you." She admitted that sounded cheesy, but I can confirm it's 100% true. This job isn't for everyone as it requires a shit ton of labor and more importantly patience. For any department.

Film has definitely chosen me, as I completely feel like I'm in love or something. I can't wait to get down to the tiny sound stage and work with that crew on this crazy ass script that will forever haunt me as being the one pointed to and asked: "Is that a porno?"

If only I were joking.

Having finished the first day of shooting yesterday (1 of 14), I can see how there's a great story in there. Somewhere. I'm still having a bit of a hard time getting past the production company being called "Orgasmatronic Studios" but that's UCF students for you. At least I can work on this with a straight face. I've had countless conversations now about semen, penises, and orgasms. Oh, yes.

The whole movie is going to be interesting, and it will be a ton of fun to watch the film and look at the sets and know where every nail, brush stroke, or amount of faith and prayers were used to hold them up.

The movie: Bad Pixels

It's the beginning of a huge step in the awesome direction for my life. Now, if I could just get a damn film job that pays me to do what I love, I'll feel as if I've actually succeeded at this tricky life thing.
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Well I’m certainly excited. I haven’t been back to Jax in AGES! It will be nice to see [profile] cakely_yours all day Saturday. We're going to do girly things which is extreme for me, but hey, it'll be fun :D



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