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...If I said this post wasn't self indulging my need to constantly head-desk and scream WTF when dealing with my mother. Another post to feel free to skip as it's total catharsis. Well, also I would like to have something documented with first hand evidence of what I deal with.

This post also needs a major preface/warning/disclaimer: Under no circumstances am I making fun of, dismissing, or intentionally meaning to offend anyone, from anywhere and their beliefs. Which is what this mess under the cut boils down to with my mother. She's extremely blindsided and ironclad in her beliefs to the point it demands a certain level of respect. I do respect it. I just wish I wasn't related to it so I could carry on with my own existence. In peace.

Also, this was wonderful to deal with during the self-denial-mental-breakdown I had last week, let me tell you. There's nothing like family looking down on you to make you feel better.

Now with anything of this caliber, background information is required. )

My mom has discovered Facebook. )

I believe that Nature is a fractal. The same processes you find on the smallest scales you'll see repeated in the biggest, largest ones you can imagine. Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell, it's all a balance and a pattern. You can't have one without the other. You cannot have life without death. Life is a balance. One is all, all is one.

It's the most important lesson I have ever learned.

A person cannot get too much of one thing and live a normal, productive, balanced life. Too much food? You're unhealthy and fat. Too much free time? You're lazy and unproductive. Too much Religion? You're too blindsided and judgemental. Too much love? You're spoiled and ignorant. Too much hate? You're spiteful and sad. Balance. Don't skew too far in one direction, respect everyone you meet, listen to their unique stories (everyone has their own amazing story), and just love being human and just as fucked up as the rest of us.

(Thank you to all my friends, the super awesome online family I have in WoW and their genius comments on how to handle my mom, and John Barrowman, yes really, for keeping me sane. I would not be alive, or free, if it wasn't for you guys. Super love and hugs to you all)
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I find it personally amazing that MONTHS after Torchwood's third season has aired's still haunting me. It has nothing to do with being an abnormal fan or the like. It was just a brilliant piece of entertainment/tv history that *got* to me and won't let me go. I mean this as sincerely as I can, it was an amazing piece of television.  Now. That being said, there is a major part of me that is conflicted with it and kinda hates it. No, it's not because someone in the cast dies, it's because after it was all over (hindsight's forever perfect) I was left feeling betrayed and wanting my proverbial money back. I felt cheated! This was NOT Torchwood. CoE may have paraded Gwen, Ianto, and Jack around in a shiny new format, but in the end... CoE was it's own universe where TW just happened to poke their noses in the wrong places.

I wish TW: CoE was minus the TW. )

Ok, now that I've babbled.

[ profile] thaddeusfavour has eloquently said everything that I felt about CoE. Really, you should read it if you want to understand what the hell I just spewed into this LJ.

This is exactly what I felt but was afraid to say after thinking everything over:

"Simply put, three and one half hours of brilliant television, followed by one and a half hours of complete crap."


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