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 I'ma going to state first: I am an incredible idiot.


For practically cutting my workout cold turkey for almost two weeks ,because I didn't think having the proper food to keep the calorie burn up would work. Looking back I should have done something small at least. Light Yoga, or stretching. Nope. I was inflicted with Cousin Fred and wrote off working out because, well, any female can explain it to you. Then, I had a geek binge and bought Pokemon SoulSilver and the new Ace Attourney game with Miles Edgeworth for the DS. There went my epic grocery list getting cut down to essentials.

No matter, I said, for Monday I will start the week anew and get back on schedule. HAH.

Turns out I didn't need an alarm clock this morning, because Nasa thoughtfully took care of that for me. )
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 Ugh. It was so hard to get to the routine required today. I know why though, and luckily it has nothing to do with me losing motivation to be fit and healthy. I was really just lacking energy due to running out of my Power Bars. I chose to be social instead of going to the grocery store and using my money there...../sigh This week is going to be tough until I get my paycheck Thursday. Then I'll be restocked and ready to kick more ass :D

I also was very bad Sunday and ate Domino's pizza. IT WAS DELICIOUS! Then it made me tired and sick to my stomach. Now I feel all bloated and icky even though I've visibly toned my abs a bit from last week. Still, *burp* ew.....I'm not allowing that stuff near me ever again. Which will be hard considering I'm still in college....

Oh, I was also tired for my routine probably because I had: work, mow lawn, cleaned garage a bit, cleaned out the box and plastic bag mountain in the kitchen, then decided to do my workout after all that because my schedule was wonky today. Eugh.

No more complaining though! Tomorrow is Cardio! Rawr!

Btw: I've totally lost my bathing suit top. I might have to spend more money and purchase a new one for the epic that is this MegaCon weekend. I want the hot tubs + heated pool + mixed drinks, damnit!!



Mar. 1st, 2010 04:36 pm
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I've been meaning to write here for a week now. 

I have so much to say about my normal babble, I can't remember where to start. LOL I'll just start fresh.

Today marks the first day of my new exercise routine and nutrition plan. I've started the P90X Lean routine. The 90 stands for 90 days. Am I crazy? Hell yes I am. Wanna know what else? I'm also combining it with the C25K program!! :D

I'm going to kill myself. I just know it.

The first workout for P90X was Core Synergistics which brings back memories (good and bad) of public school P.E Class. Oi. Ok, that's not fair. It's P.E. Class on crack. The full routine is 57mins long, and I managed to hit the water break somewhere near the 35min mark. It only proved to me how horribly out of shape I am. It's all good though. I got through the very first half of the very first workout, and now that I've rested a bit and eaten a snack, I'm going to go warm up again and finish the last half. RAWR, I say.

Tomorrow is the Cardio routine which is more promising to me as I know I have the stamina for it. Also: I feel a bit behind with the P90X system because I haven't gotten the small weights I need + an area to do pull ups etc. I'll cross that bridge when I get there. I'm just modding the whole program to fit my situation anyway, and I still feel the workout is totally rewarding by the end. Oh, a better, bigger space is also going to be required other than the small section in my room :/

TV SHOWS! Omg, I have so many now I don't know what to do with myself.

Heroes has ended, and I loved it. Especially since Samuel didn't DIE, just got arrested which gives me hope the non-specials will be stupid enough to lock him up with other specials and BOOM! Escapee Samuel on a revenge path forcing the whole crew to come together a real team/family and protect people. Trope, yes, but I would LOVE IT TO PIECES.

Shows that are required watching if you want to remain friends with me (really so you'll know what the hell I'm talking about more than anything mean ;] ):

White Collar and Modern Family.

White Collar is a brilliant crime-drama because it doesn't treat it's viewers as dumb watchers. It's engaging, witty, strong and every single one of the characters is lovable. Even the bad guys. Plus, the women aren't stupid but successful beings with BRAINS that don't always fall into stereotypes. That being said, I have never had a threesome OTP before, but Jesus Harkness Christ, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal is the most adorable thing ever. Ever.
Modern Family is on the other end of the scale compared to White Collar. It is pure comedy with a heart. Every person involved  with the show is hysterical but loving. It's weird because there are stereotypes, blatantly, in the show but that's almost the point and it WORKS. The dynamics of the entire family portrayed is a miracle of silliness and true love. The eps are short at 20 mins roughly, but it's nice to have a show that is pure Fluff With Heart to watch compared to other shows available. Mitch&Cam with Lily = <3

Now, I need to go warm up and finish my workout before rewarding myself with a new show: Burn Notice. Thank you White Collar writers for being a gateway drug :P

I'll share thoughts about the MegaCon Weekend of Awesome and Win that's coming soon later :D


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