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My wonderful routine I had established for this semester has been shot to hell in a matter of a week. It is SO freaking hard to get back into it. It also doesn't help that I got scheduled to work 'till Midnight tonight instead of opening. There, again, is something ELSE to ruin my morning routine. /sigh At least my icon is overwhelmingly appropriate ;) lol

I have 10pages of script due Thursday. I have 2 written (in theory). It will get done, but oi again.

I'm also going to blame NCIS for wrecking my schedule. How can a show be so awesome and silly at the same time?! No wonder it's dominated this TV season's ratings for the last FIVE weeks. Grats NCIS! I went back and, accidentally, watched all of season 1. Then watched half of season 2 skipping around 10 episodes to get to the finale. I think it was a good formula considering the epic amounts of episodes there are. I got to know Kate and love her over the course of all of season 1. Then when the inevitable happens at the end of season 2 I was still hit in the gut. I even knew since starting the show she died! Why was I in tears!? 

That is the magic of NCIS's writers. I felt like I was watching a TV movie, a good TV movie, for all 3 eps it took to tell the story. BTW, watching Gibbs pace a bit scatter brained in a dark office while McGee and Tony watch nervously, then have Gibbs ask in a slightly broken voice: "I'm going for coffee. Can I get you boys anything?" about damn near killed me. I think it about near killed Tony too as his reaction was a bit priceless to McGee. Also, nice touch Epic!writers by showing Ghost!Kate to all the cast in varying outfits. It really made the story more than just sad coworkers on a vendetta. Although, watching Gibbs on a vendetta is damn entertaining, even if it's briefly thrown out there he was suicidal in his attempts to take down Ari. Subtle. Nice depth.

This, is the way to handle a beloved character death. Maybe because I'm American and it was our system's way of hand holding to accept a new character replacement in Ziva, but Christ. There was closure at least! Gibbs as the Team Dad(tm) was allowed to do something instead of being so emotionally broken he ran away. Yes, unless you're totally ignorant of the way I think, I just swung around to rant more about CoE. Which I'll stop now because it's pointless at the moment.

Moving on back to topic. Schedule=wrecked. I think this was also aided in the fact all last week was repeats of the shows I follow or just weren't on. NCIS, Bones, Fringe ... I think Heroes was the only one not a repeat but I still missed thinking it was. Now it's catch up with my entertainment, but I don't have time because the semester is still moving on. Argh!! I'd like to return my Grown-Up Passport for my older and well loved Childhood one, please.


Oct. 27th, 2009 03:28 pm
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I am filled with Sick.

I'm certain it's a small dose of flu, as I am not throwing up (yet) and only have a very small fever. But I ACHE! My head is really dizzy too. It was probably the smartest idea I have ever had NOT to go to class today (though I really, really, really, needed too) since I would have had to bike. I can just imagine me riding into a parked car, or falling off at a bad spot or something.

Oh well. I got my papers done for classes at least. Still have the epic script to keep working on, and then the 2500 word final paper for Film history. There's still a ton of time for those however.

I'm going to go cocoon myself in my nest now and watch more NCIS. Yes. That sounds like a grand idea.


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