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 Over the last couple months I have been slowly (oh, so so slowly) watching Doctor Who from its very beginning. I'm talking Doctor One here. 

Anyway, keeping in mind this is 1963, a TV show and British SciFi, I have been loving it! William Hartnell plays the very "Get off my lawn!" old man Doctor, but there's a twinkle in his eye you can't help falling in love with.

Isn't that so like the Doctor?

My favorite bit about watching these old episodes is playing "Find the String" or, sit and giggle at the model making and inventive ways to make something "other"

This clip. This precious, glorious clip, summarizes what makes Early Classic Who so worth it.  Just watch up to about 02:18:00 (it's about six minutes long in total as it's the last section of the full episode) that's all I've gotten to so far.

Pay attention to 01:13:00 for DW Monster Craft at its finest, and then at 01:52:00 ... I don't need to explain why.

It's too amazing.

I hope you're laughing, because I was fucking wetting myself when the Brains in Jars started SCREAMING their eye stalks off. *wipes tear* Oh, Doctor Who. I love you so much.
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I've seen the start to the nuWho era. I gotta say, it will still take some time to get used to this extremely young Doctor, but I love what I've seen so far!

The difference between RTD's era and now Moffat's era is staggering. Moffat is SO classic Who (that's a great thing) and RTD was SO revamping for a modern audience (also, a great thing but not needed anymore). I'm very excited to see what the Doctor is going to get up to next week!

And Amy Pond. Oh <3 Amy Pond. She is so kickass and broken at the same time. The Moff has done it again. He created Jack Harkness, River Song, the scariest fucking DW monsters ever...and now adorable, slightly not right Amy Pond.

In the end, after basically delivering The Eleventh Hour to [ profile] form_of_zero , this was created via MSN:

Form of Zero says:
     11: Ill be back in 5 minutes
     *12 years later*
Lanarien says:
     11: I just took her to the Moon and back. *2 years later*
Form of Zero says:
     Hart: Someone didnt learn to count
Lanarien says:
     Jack: Tell ME about it.
     Sarah-Jane: Or learn to read a human map.
Form of Zero says:
     Martha: Or see obvious advances
Lanarien says:
     Jack: Aw, Nightingale, you just should have gone for it. What have we learned?
     Master: It's a wipe.
Form of Zero says:
     Rassilon: If you just turn up your vent Master, you'd have heard the strat right. Noob.
Lanarien says:
     Wilf: This is why we can't have nice things.
     (oh god. What have we done?!)
Form of Zero says:
     Owen: This is why I play Horde
     I loled
Lanarien says:
     I haven't stopped
     Rassilon killed me
     the POTENTIAL to that joke
     Rassilon: This is the Vent of Rassilon, for the Raid of Rassilon. I am Rassilon, your Raid Leader.
     Daleks: FUCKING N00BS!
Form of Zero says:
     Master: How do you turn up the volume on someone? All I can hear is this beat. Sounds like drums.

Why, yes! That would be us forming DW into WoW. Why do you ask?

By the end of the conversation we had The Raid of Rassilon worked out to include: )

...This is not going to end well for any of the Crew lol. Thursday more will be shown and indoctrinated into the nuWho. They've already dealt with my fangasming for a year over my renewed love of DW, now there's an opportunity to really get them all hooked with a new Doctor. :D
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It didn't take 3 months this time! What impresses me more is that I was using a brand new program that at one point didn't save 2 full minutes of this vid. Oi. I had to start all over but managed to get everything back to the way I had it. That one, major, glitch aside I completely recommend using Sony Vegas Movie Maker. It has a built-in tutorial system that is the best I've ever seen. Seriously. I learned more from following it than I did my editing professor. Another perk? It allows .avi files unlike Adobe Premier (I still don't know why they did that). And! It doesn't make tons of bulky files that fill up your HD.

So without further ado:
Title: Just Have Fun
Song: "Let It Happen" by Jimmy Eat World
Summary: The Master reveling in his own brilliance. I was going for serious but an odd humor in it.
Spoilers: Oh, just the entire ending of Series 3. Utopia, The Sound of Drums, The Last of the Time Lords

Chances are as ridiculously pleased as I am with this, I will come back to this at a much later date and tweek it around a bit. It never hurts to go over beginner projects.

Wait! Wait!

Nov. 3rd, 2009 01:05 pm
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I go on a depressed rant then find this!

source: Combom

Day immediately made better! :D 

<3 Doctor

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From my own personal reactions, not to mention witnessing the fan community explode and implode at the same time, I think it's safe to beg for therapy now. This last week has been an amazing experience. I usually feel like Donna with events like this ("What have I missed now?!"). Not this time! I got to be a part of this roller coaster and I don't regret a single moment of it. Even the parts where I had to play mediator and be a babysitter to some very immature people in a chat box, oi!

Now, I watched CoE like everyone else did. One episode as it aired per day. It's now Saturday as I write this, and I fully plan on doing a full re-watch all at once. I just may be insane. Yes, there will be large amounts of alcohol consumed to get me through it. But I must do it. It's how I deal with traumatic events. Not to mention that the film student side of me is sobbing in pure joy at how brilliant CoE was. With that said, I plan on doing a little highlight by day reaction now, followed by an individual post for each episode with the pros and cons.

Oh, and have I mentioned I want to have Euros' babies? The man is a fucking genius!!!

Day 1
Note to self: I never want to be an alien hitchhiker. )

Day 2
Note to self: Be terrified of concrete. )

Day 3
Note to self: Baked beans =/= stopwatch. )

Day 4
Note to self: Make sure to rig an 'in case of emergency break glass' feature to any requested alien tanks I may receive in my lifetime. )

Day 5
Note to self: Never strip off your protective gear before rushing head first into a military riot beat down. )

So there you have it. A somewhat brief overview of my thoughts on the week. Like I said, not everything is mentioned as I plan on being oh so detailed later. As of right now? I have a grief nest to go build on the couch out of every soft blanket and stuffed animal I can find (including dog toys) while I prepare for the CoE marathon.

Depending on how badly I'm pissed later, will determine if I can get another reaction post up.
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Hey, hey! Lookit this! Another post in the same year. Amazing!

I have just finished my first fanvid project, and I figured posting it around is appropriate. I mean, what's the fun in making a fan-ish thing and not sharing it with others?

The end has come for Nine, facing off against a legion of Daleks. Rose, the golden girl, risks everything by looking into the Time Vortex wishing to return to him. To save him. As the Doctor starts to slip, light and energy explode behind him. The Bad Wolf has come. Nine looks to this gorgeous, golden creature and sees his Rose, remembers how everything has come to this. Captain Jack Harkness fights to the last. As he dies, he remembers how it all started and why he made his choice to die fighting for these people. Bad Wolf reaches out to him, to save him as well. Then, everything, comes to dust. Time and fate all loop back onto each other, creating a Perfect Halo.

It's a Doctor Who video, mainly focusing on Nine and Rose towards the end of the first season. If you haven't watched the first season and don't want to be spoiled, please don't view this then. You've been warned. I admit I am a fangirl of the Doctor/Rose relationship and proud of it! Having grown up watching Classic Who, I was very happy with the new series.

I made this vid as practice (first time doing something like this!) and for my best friend Keara, whom I've gotten to fall in love with Nine.

Music is Snow Patrol, and this song, I swear, was made for this. It's so beautiful, and fits it. Pay attention to the beats! I tried experimenting with specific moments syncing up to the music.

All properties are owned by their respective owners (BBC, Snow Patrol). The only thing I claim is my love for the show and music, as well has my imagination to puzzle this video together.

MegaCon '09

Mar. 1st, 2009 01:29 pm
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So, the big event as of late happened yesterday. The convention seemed smaller than ever this year, though the amount of people in the dealer's room seemed to have grown. I have to say, this was the BEST Megacon I've ever done. Mainly, because, well, there was no drama to worry about. No stupidly annoying friend's boyfriends, no scary fangirls to put up with, no drama of friends fighting with each other. All the stuff that you generally just lump into the 'it's a Con Weekend' category didn't happen. We left a little later than I would have liked, but hey, lunch was fun and casual, the drive was hardly nothing, and picking up tickets was so easy I could have cried. I can't say it enough, it was such a great, drama-free Con.

I also had more fun because I felt like I was actually there to 'fully' experience the event. In the past it was always just for certain Anime shows I was going to find merchandise for. This time, I had Doctor Who things to hunt down. I could look for comics, action figures, videos, cosplayers ... a whole other side of the dealer's room opened up to me since I had this new interest in something live action (that wasn't Star Trek or Star Wars). I'm so happy to be a Doctor Who fan!

The loot I swaggered away with was mostly DW related. I finally found some action figures on the far side of the room. The price was really fair as it was 1 figure for 10, 2 for 15. Being the fan that I am, I got the Doctor in his SB6 spacesuit, Martha Jones, and one of those French Clockwork monsters. I went to pay and the guy 'hummed' for a second at all three then goes "How about 16 for them?" I had to blink and smile before shrugging and accepting. I can't believe I practically got one of those for just a dollar!! Later I found a brown-coated Doctor, and I was satisfied. Though, that same booth had these collection boxes of all the series of figures. God!! They were so expensive. The one with Sarah-Jane and K9 was 90 bucks. I can understand why though, I mean it IS Sarah-Jane Smith after all.

I really felt part of the nerd herd when I found a couple comics of the Doctor Who: The Forgotten (4 and 6) then discovered from the guy selling them a ton of DW things! For starters, there's going to be a Doctor Who convention in October. Kick ass! Then, the guys who did the pencils and ink for #4 of The Forgotten were at the convention and I could get them to sign the comic. The last thing he told me was the best, Gareth David-Lloyd was at the convention for autographs and such. Really?! I was so excited! There was actually an actor from Torchwood in Orlando, FL. Being the film student I am, I had an obligation to find him. Really, strictly for the betterment of my education. I swear. K and I wandered the celebrity area for a bit until I spotted him in the back middle. There was only 45 mins left before the room closed and the poor thing looked totally worn out. I bit down on my nerves and walked over to his table and made the comment he must be exhausted after the full day of the con. "I'm completely knackered, so make this quick." Was the response, he gave me, but it wasn't mean, just an honest, teasing answer. He really looked like he was about to drop! There was a whole slew of photos to choose from. I was trying to be polite and professional (training you know, for when I actually get to work with successful people like him), so I asked him what his favorite photo of the group was. I was amused that he picked the one I liked the best haha! So, I paid for an autograph, made it quick with a couple questions of no importance really, shook his hand, and let him be. I now have a beautiful autograph framed and on my desk at home. It was my first autograph of its kind. I'm very proud of it.

Other loot I snagged was a little figuring of a Bleach character I associate with Reuh, and *drumroll* a Bunta plushy!! I have my very own Pig-mole from Gurren Lagen now. The whole group loved it. I have to give all the credit to C though, as he tracked it down for me. He's so awesome. :) Maybe if I can get my body back into shape like it was before Christmas holidays, I'll cosplay Yoko. Not sure, but who knows. Oh! Speaking of Cosplay, there was an amazing variety this year. It didn't seem like there was just that 'one' group of anime characters walking around. I even managed to find a Four (Tom Baker Doctor), a Ten and 50's!Rose (thanks to K spotting Rose) a Brigadier-General Armstrong, and an amazing Kenpachi with accompanying Yachiru. K and I didn't bother with dressing up this year. We did however accidentally where matching outfits. I had my Saix shirt, and she had her Axel shirt I got at Otakon from Kingdom Arts. No big deal until I realized later that I had my blue jacket that matched the blue lettering of Saix, and K was wearing her red jacket that matched the lettering of Axel. It made us laugh so we just went with it. This was the absolutely best part to me; getting to hang out with my best friend again. I was really happy when she would fangirl with me over DW, I'm glad she likes it as much as I do and I'm not driving her crazy with my lone raving of the show. I love you K! <3

There were lots of little things that made the whole day fun, not worth putting down in detail. Lots of laughs and "omg-ing' etc. I'm really looking forward to the next Con, which I believe is going to be Otakon. Exciting!


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