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There's only one day left of the year! I can't say that I'm sad to see 2009 go. I'm bloody ecstatic to see the year become history. Along with this flu I've had the last couple of days. It's like someone is squeezing in one more "F*** YOU" before the month is over. I have many hopes for 2010 not to suck as much as this past year.

I mean, it's been harsh financially, as with most people. It's also been harsh in my with most people. If I'm having a sucktastic day, why do I want to watch my favorite forms of escapism deal with the same crap? Why?! 2009 has been a year for all my favorite characters to fear. From Torchwood, to Fullmetal Alchemist, to Doctor Who, to geez, a few more I can't remember off the top of my head, it's been one big killing spree (or attempts). 2010. You better be the year of Love.

I'm not one to make Resolutions(tm) but I do have hopes to accomplish when new years begin. Let's see, I hope to have a more definitive answer on my graduation date. I hope not to be in debtor's prison. I hope to have worked on at least one film set again. I hope to remain healthy, if not become even better at taking care of myself.

Simple life hopes. :D

As with what's been going on this past Holiday Season, I can safely confirm my family is utterly insane. Isn't everyone's, you ask? Oh no, my friend. My family is it's own specially created floor of crazy. My mom's increased her zoo to 8 cats, 2 birds, 2 hermit crabs, 4 chickens, and a number of opossum/raccoons she leaves food out for over night. That's the tally after one chicken randomly laid down and died in the dirt. However I guess there's some weird universal animal checks and balances going on with my mom. So she gained another cat to fill in the vacancy. The animals are precious and I love them to bits, but dear god woman, enough is enough.

I'm trying to figure out how bad of a person I am by thanking god for some "normal people drama" during the holidays. My poor cousin ended up pregnant this past year and has now found herself practically on her own to raise the baby. Her mother, to my absolutely confused shock, has kicked her out and stopped talking to her. Now, see, the family on my dad's side has always been the ones I look to for normal. They are a little closed minded, Southern (and all that entails with traditions) but have always believed in putting family first. My cousin's mother is not a blood relative, which is the only explanation I have for what's going on. Can you tell I'm glossing over? Oh yes! I am so glossing over, but bear with me. The whole family is really wanting to help my cousin, but the mother is standing in the way. *sigh* Mothers. At least my cousin has her adorable devoted boyfriend there for her. Silver linings!

Also: I am a food ninja!

Bendi is still suffering from Bartonella. It keeps coming and going and the battle is never ending. HOWEVER! I have discovered a new trick. I'm taking pouches of delicious wet food and just pouring it over a couple handfuls of dry food. I still make her the Pokemon Treats from time to time, but since the holidays have seen me not at home very much I'm am so glad she's loving this new way to eat.

Also: I totally caught her chewing on their outside chair. CHEWING! With her TEETH! Which means she can no longer pull the "No mom, it hurts to eat it" routine with me. I'm on to you cat!!

This is what I get for not posting in a while. Lol!
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I swear to god.

My cat, Bendi, has a severe case of Bartonella that will not go away. I'm too broke to get her to the vet anytime before the Christmas holidays. She has an appetite, it hasn't left her, the problem is she starts to eat her food until it hurts her mouth and she runs away thinking the food attacked her. Which then you can find me holding her in front of her food bowl petting and coaxing her to eat it again. It usually works and I can walk away after 5 mins leaving her to eat on her own (until it hurts and she flees again)

Here's where I am officially a Pokemon Breeder: I was fed up with her not eating this morning. She looks like an alley cat while her sister is fluffing's really upsetting. I got back from Yoga with a renewed sense of purpose. I grabbed a cup of her dry cat food, threw it into a blender, added milk and water then popped it into the microwave. What was produced was a paste like substance that when cooled feels like meat.

I swear to god.

It took some coaxing to get her to eat it (at one point me literally pinning her and shoving it into her mouth. She's all bones, so it was pathetically easy). Once she ate a few mouthfuls she pigged out and at this moment I can hear her crunching away at the dry food. Thank the gods!!

I think I'm going to experiment with this food paste and see if I can make it like little chewy tablets. I'm pretty sure they're going to look *exactly* like the pellets Brock makes in the actual Pokemon show. Score!


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