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I survived Halloween Horror Nights! :D BE PROUD!

We arrived a little late so I wasn't able to go into the Wolfman house like I wanted, but oh well. Getting to see the Rocky Horror Tribute and Bill n' Ted's show was well worth the ticket.

There was discussion between K and me about John Barrowman playing either Rocky Horror or Tim Curry's role, Dr. Frank N. Furter. Much Lol's ensued.

Oh. And the Nazi Zombies. That's right. Nazi. Zombies. (I actually really hate zombies but these were made of win!) They were in one of the first scare zones as we entered the park. Naturally, I was working on chugging my $6 (WTF) beer in efforts to get drunk as quickly as possible. As we made it to the end of the zone I hear this yell from my left: "AMERICAN BEER! AHH!" *GUNFIRE!!!* A Nazi-zombie was camped out on top of a supply jeep shooting at me! It was so awesome. I yelled back, a little tipsy at this point, "It's YUENGLING!!" in a 'duh' like manner. The Zombie grinned at me, to which I immediately looked at the can and had to facepalm.

Ok. So I forgot Yuengling is apparently "America's Oldest Beer" Meh. It was delicious and I got a nazi-zombie to yell at me. :P

In other news:

ADAM LAMBERT, the guy I'm trying not be a weird fangirl over, is apparently recording a song for the 2012 soundtrack. The movie 2012. The movie that all my friends are stating I'm not allowed to see because I drove them crazy with end of the world theories for a year. Oh well. Gotta see it now! *wink*

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It started with Gackt. I can only make so many guesses as to *why* on that one before the plain obvious just smacks me in the head. It then evolved into John Barrowman. Well, I shouldn't say JB, it's really Jack Harkness, but the love for JB is bountiful from Soku. Now there's a new boy he's dying for. Ok, maybe it's not at that stage yet, but the embers have sparked and I am desperately trying not to fan the flames on this one.

Have you SEEN Adam Lambert? Which is only slightly higher on the list than listening to him. Oh. My. God. This guy can sing!

He's American...and openly gay...and he was on American Idol....AND! (this is the most important part to me really) People love him! They seem to be looking past the gay issue. It gives me the warm feeling of hope in my chest for America.

Which brings me back to Soku. It's common knowledge he has a 'thing' for leather, and a bit of the dramatic-goth look. I've seen him swing from yelling at Gackt for stealing his style because "Those are MY pants, damnit!"  to gushing over JB when Soku was in a more er, calmer stage of life. Not that Soku started wearing slacks and braces. Hell no. He's quite often found in just his boxers dozing on the couch. Bum. Then I accidentally came across Adam Lambert. I can see that spark in Soku again.... he's REALLY digging this kid's choice of clothing and I'm fairly certain I will be witnessing a rebirth of overly sexy, black leather clad Soku prancing around. But, in a badass way of course ;)

And it's my fault.

I was reading this amazing TW fic and got curious about the author. Turned into her LJ being overwhelmed by this kid's face. That's all it took. Well, that and me being curious and googling "Adam Lambert on John Barrowman" in context of what his thoughts, if any, were on JB. Not, you know *on* on, just ....sigh, Soku is so bad for me. Anyway! It produced some fun finds, but this is my favorite:

"Adam Lambert Feeling Good


Torchwood heartthrob John Barrowman covered it for his 2007 album Another Side. British alt rock band Muse covered the song a few years back and had their version promptly snarfed by Nescafe in a no-permission fashion which apparently resulted in an out of court settlement. The version of “Feeling Good” which Adam Lambert performed so beautifully on American Idol appears to be the Muse arrangement of the song." - source

I'll give you a minute to digest those three loaded sentences.


Still there? YES! JB, one of my fav songs ("Feeling Good"), Muse, and Adam Lambert all in one go. More importantly, MUSE MADE A COVER OF IT! I'm desperately trying to track it down atm, so wish me luck.


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