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I'm a university student working hard towards a BA in Film-Cinema Studies with a minor in Digital Media. One day I will be a successful 1st Assistant Director, but at this point I am loving any position on a film crew (except, perhaps, Craft Services. I did it once, never again. Respect the food people!!). At the moment, I'm thinking about working in television more than film, but heck, just being a part of any production crew is really neat!

I want to experience the world, time travel and meet as many interesting people as I can! I am totally musical theater crazy and won't be surprised if I end up back working productions for the stage. One day I will work with John Barrowman, in any capacity, just to thank him for being such an amazing human and for having the biggest (positive) impact on my life.

Wanna chat? Go for it! I believe everyone has at least one great story in them.

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101 dalmations, 30 seconds to mars, adam lambert, being human, benedict cumberbatch, billie piper, blackpool, boating, bones, burn gorman, burn notice, casanova, catherine zeta-jones, cats, chocolat, chuck, clarinet, computers, david tennant, depeche mode, dj tiesto, doctor who, dogs, dr. horrible's sing-a-long blog, dragonriders of pern, dragons, drawing, editing, evanescence, eve myles, ewen mcgregor, fantasy, fiction, film, firefly, fishing, flogging molly, florence + the machines, fringe, fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood, galaxy quest, gareth david-lloyd, gene kelley, gerard butler, gillian anderson, glee, god is an astronaut, gorillaz, graham norton, harry potter, harry potter: the half blood prince, health and fitness, heroes, his dark materials trilogy, hitchcock, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, hot fuzz, how not to write a screenplay, how to lose friends and alienate people, howl's moving castle, ian somerhalder, inception, iron man, james marsters, janelle monae, jason isaacs, jimmy eat world, john barrowman, jude law, karen gillan, last samurai, martin freeman, matt bomer, matt smith, matthew mcconaughey, men in black, merlin, modern family, muse, musical theater, mystery, naoko mori, nascar, nathan fillian, ncis, neil patrick harris, neon trees, nina dobrev, nine inch nails, ocean's 11, old boy, p90x, people watching, photography, pirates of the caribbean: curse of the black pearl, pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest, pirates of the caribbean: world's end, placebo, raise the red lantern, ratatouille, revolutionary girl utena, robert downey jr., russel t. davies, samurai champloo, science fiction, scott pilgrim vs the world, sean of the dead, serenity, sherlock, sherlock holmes 2009, silversun pickups, simon pegg, snow patrol, society for creative anachronism, soundtracks, star trek 2009, star trek: deep space nine, star trek: the next generation, star trek: voyager, steampunk, supernatural, temerair, tengen toppa gurren lagan, the beach, the incredibles, the killers, the pretender, the rasmus, the vampire diaries, the west wing, the x-files, tim dekay, torchwood, transformers, trigun, true blood, u2, vast, video games, vitamin string quartet, warehouse 13, white collar, white fang, world of warcraft, writing, zombieland
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