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I've seen the start to the nuWho era. I gotta say, it will still take some time to get used to this extremely young Doctor, but I love what I've seen so far!

The difference between RTD's era and now Moffat's era is staggering. Moffat is SO classic Who (that's a great thing) and RTD was SO revamping for a modern audience (also, a great thing but not needed anymore). I'm very excited to see what the Doctor is going to get up to next week!

And Amy Pond. Oh <3 Amy Pond. She is so kickass and broken at the same time. The Moff has done it again. He created Jack Harkness, River Song, the scariest fucking DW monsters ever...and now adorable, slightly not right Amy Pond.

In the end, after basically delivering The Eleventh Hour to [ profile] form_of_zero , this was created via MSN:

Form of Zero says:
     11: Ill be back in 5 minutes
     *12 years later*
Lanarien says:
     11: I just took her to the Moon and back. *2 years later*
Form of Zero says:
     Hart: Someone didnt learn to count
Lanarien says:
     Jack: Tell ME about it.
     Sarah-Jane: Or learn to read a human map.
Form of Zero says:
     Martha: Or see obvious advances
Lanarien says:
     Jack: Aw, Nightingale, you just should have gone for it. What have we learned?
     Master: It's a wipe.
Form of Zero says:
     Rassilon: If you just turn up your vent Master, you'd have heard the strat right. Noob.
Lanarien says:
     Wilf: This is why we can't have nice things.
     (oh god. What have we done?!)
Form of Zero says:
     Owen: This is why I play Horde
     I loled
Lanarien says:
     I haven't stopped
     Rassilon killed me
     the POTENTIAL to that joke
     Rassilon: This is the Vent of Rassilon, for the Raid of Rassilon. I am Rassilon, your Raid Leader.
     Daleks: FUCKING N00BS!
Form of Zero says:
     Master: How do you turn up the volume on someone? All I can hear is this beat. Sounds like drums.

Why, yes! That would be us forming DW into WoW. Why do you ask?

By the end of the conversation we had The Raid of Rassilon worked out to include: )

...This is not going to end well for any of the Crew lol. Thursday more will be shown and indoctrinated into the nuWho. They've already dealt with my fangasming for a year over my renewed love of DW, now there's an opportunity to really get them all hooked with a new Doctor. :D
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...If I said this post wasn't self indulging my need to constantly head-desk and scream WTF when dealing with my mother. Another post to feel free to skip as it's total catharsis. Well, also I would like to have something documented with first hand evidence of what I deal with.

This post also needs a major preface/warning/disclaimer: Under no circumstances am I making fun of, dismissing, or intentionally meaning to offend anyone, from anywhere and their beliefs. Which is what this mess under the cut boils down to with my mother. She's extremely blindsided and ironclad in her beliefs to the point it demands a certain level of respect. I do respect it. I just wish I wasn't related to it so I could carry on with my own existence. In peace.

Also, this was wonderful to deal with during the self-denial-mental-breakdown I had last week, let me tell you. There's nothing like family looking down on you to make you feel better.

Now with anything of this caliber, background information is required. )

My mom has discovered Facebook. )

I believe that Nature is a fractal. The same processes you find on the smallest scales you'll see repeated in the biggest, largest ones you can imagine. Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell, it's all a balance and a pattern. You can't have one without the other. You cannot have life without death. Life is a balance. One is all, all is one.

It's the most important lesson I have ever learned.

A person cannot get too much of one thing and live a normal, productive, balanced life. Too much food? You're unhealthy and fat. Too much free time? You're lazy and unproductive. Too much Religion? You're too blindsided and judgemental. Too much love? You're spoiled and ignorant. Too much hate? You're spiteful and sad. Balance. Don't skew too far in one direction, respect everyone you meet, listen to their unique stories (everyone has their own amazing story), and just love being human and just as fucked up as the rest of us.

(Thank you to all my friends, the super awesome online family I have in WoW and their genius comments on how to handle my mom, and John Barrowman, yes really, for keeping me sane. I would not be alive, or free, if it wasn't for you guys. Super love and hugs to you all)
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 Ugh. It was so hard to get to the routine required today. I know why though, and luckily it has nothing to do with me losing motivation to be fit and healthy. I was really just lacking energy due to running out of my Power Bars. I chose to be social instead of going to the grocery store and using my money there...../sigh This week is going to be tough until I get my paycheck Thursday. Then I'll be restocked and ready to kick more ass :D

I also was very bad Sunday and ate Domino's pizza. IT WAS DELICIOUS! Then it made me tired and sick to my stomach. Now I feel all bloated and icky even though I've visibly toned my abs a bit from last week. Still, *burp* ew.....I'm not allowing that stuff near me ever again. Which will be hard considering I'm still in college....

Oh, I was also tired for my routine probably because I had: work, mow lawn, cleaned garage a bit, cleaned out the box and plastic bag mountain in the kitchen, then decided to do my workout after all that because my schedule was wonky today. Eugh.

No more complaining though! Tomorrow is Cardio! Rawr!

Btw: I've totally lost my bathing suit top. I might have to spend more money and purchase a new one for the epic that is this MegaCon weekend. I want the hot tubs + heated pool + mixed drinks, damnit!!



Mar. 1st, 2010 04:36 pm
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I've been meaning to write here for a week now. 

I have so much to say about my normal babble, I can't remember where to start. LOL I'll just start fresh.

Today marks the first day of my new exercise routine and nutrition plan. I've started the P90X Lean routine. The 90 stands for 90 days. Am I crazy? Hell yes I am. Wanna know what else? I'm also combining it with the C25K program!! :D

I'm going to kill myself. I just know it.

The first workout for P90X was Core Synergistics which brings back memories (good and bad) of public school P.E Class. Oi. Ok, that's not fair. It's P.E. Class on crack. The full routine is 57mins long, and I managed to hit the water break somewhere near the 35min mark. It only proved to me how horribly out of shape I am. It's all good though. I got through the very first half of the very first workout, and now that I've rested a bit and eaten a snack, I'm going to go warm up again and finish the last half. RAWR, I say.

Tomorrow is the Cardio routine which is more promising to me as I know I have the stamina for it. Also: I feel a bit behind with the P90X system because I haven't gotten the small weights I need + an area to do pull ups etc. I'll cross that bridge when I get there. I'm just modding the whole program to fit my situation anyway, and I still feel the workout is totally rewarding by the end. Oh, a better, bigger space is also going to be required other than the small section in my room :/

TV SHOWS! Omg, I have so many now I don't know what to do with myself.

Heroes has ended, and I loved it. Especially since Samuel didn't DIE, just got arrested which gives me hope the non-specials will be stupid enough to lock him up with other specials and BOOM! Escapee Samuel on a revenge path forcing the whole crew to come together a real team/family and protect people. Trope, yes, but I would LOVE IT TO PIECES.

Shows that are required watching if you want to remain friends with me (really so you'll know what the hell I'm talking about more than anything mean ;] ):

White Collar and Modern Family.

White Collar is a brilliant crime-drama because it doesn't treat it's viewers as dumb watchers. It's engaging, witty, strong and every single one of the characters is lovable. Even the bad guys. Plus, the women aren't stupid but successful beings with BRAINS that don't always fall into stereotypes. That being said, I have never had a threesome OTP before, but Jesus Harkness Christ, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal is the most adorable thing ever. Ever.
Modern Family is on the other end of the scale compared to White Collar. It is pure comedy with a heart. Every person involved  with the show is hysterical but loving. It's weird because there are stereotypes, blatantly, in the show but that's almost the point and it WORKS. The dynamics of the entire family portrayed is a miracle of silliness and true love. The eps are short at 20 mins roughly, but it's nice to have a show that is pure Fluff With Heart to watch compared to other shows available. Mitch&Cam with Lily = <3

Now, I need to go warm up and finish my workout before rewarding myself with a new show: Burn Notice. Thank you White Collar writers for being a gateway drug :P

I'll share thoughts about the MegaCon Weekend of Awesome and Win that's coming soon later :D
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This morning I had a coffee meeting with my old film mentor, Prof-L, and my good friend J. I seriously owe SO much to J, as she's been the one to keep me in the loop as far as film work is concerned. Now we're both seriously discussing our next big step: moving to LA!!

Fixed with cut because I was lazy at work last night. )

Yeah, we'll see how successful this turns out. Why can't I have awesome organized days everyday? I'll stop babbling now as I want to nap (at work) before our biggest room turn around at 10p.

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Jan. 27th, 2010 02:29 pm
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 I'm totally supposed to be writing a paper on the Hayes Code of 1933 in Hollywood right now. Bleh. That's boring. So instead I watched season 4, episode 15 of Heroes! It wasn't my plan to watch the ENTIRE episode in one go. I was going to use it as a reward for finishing my homework, but oh man was that a kick ass episode or what?!

Heroes 4x15 Pass/Fail )
/sigh ... Now I have to go write that boring paper. *rolls sleeves up* Come on, Hayes Code! I'm taking you back to 1966 and bringing you down Hollywood style :D ('66 is when the code was abolished in Hollywood, just so you're aware.)
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So I'm totally supposed to be asleep right now (shh don't tell anyone), but I wanted to post this. It's a fic I started writing for K last August before the semester started. I wanted to finish it for her birthday. So I did! That crisis of creativity past as I reread the story and I managed to get it finished. I still want to write the other one though.

Title: Dude! It's your Birthday, man, bro!
Rating: PG (swearing heavy)
Pairings: ...hmm.
Fandom: Ghost Adventures, Astral LoL's
Beta: I lol at the thought of this getting beta'd. K, you can beat me up later for all the typos.
Warnings: The sheer amount of "Dude-Man-Bro"-age happening in this story may cause a decrease in IQ.
Summary: Zak, Nick and Aaron decide to revisit the oldest city in the nation, St. Augustine, after receiving a few fan letters about the "better" places to catch activity than the fort. Well, as they say, best laid plans.... The boys are going to have one hell of a night.

It was just like any other shoot. )


Jan. 11th, 2010 08:30 pm
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I'm at a creative crossroads...

K's real birthday is tomorrow, and I have yet to finish anything I wanted to make her. Well, besides the Awesome Kalua Cake, but really, that was an essential bit of the whole "birthday party" thing. Seeing as I am still dealing with a chest infection that is refusing to listen to reason, I have time on my hands to finish one of the many projects.

Which are mostly fanfic for her.

I have one story, a Ghost Adeventures story, that I could finish. It's been on my mind constantly since I started it and I would love to get it done. It was written for her specifically anyway. It's where the whole "Dude-Man-Bro" joke came from. Oh, and the whole story is based off of Zac decreeing in one ep "There were wars declared on this fort!" Yes, sweetie, that's what it's there for. *pat,pat*

I also have a Torchwood/WoW/Multi-verse story bouncing around in my head. It's birthday themed. Trolls and Jack's coat get involved, and well, things kinda spiral into Hell from there. Especially when Zu'Bafu wants to decorate the cake with his fire totem.


I can draw the poster I had sketched out for her. But god, that would take hours of me bent over the table/board inking since I don't have a proper drawing desk. I don't think I can handle that as I already ache way too much from having to work yesterday.

I'm going to to go reread that Ghost Adeventures story and see if it takes with me atm. Probably my best option.

Also, the latino workers are back at it next door. I swear to god they're repainting the house with a broken car's alternator. That was my alarm clock this morning when I was actually happily cocooned in my bed breathing ok. /sigh
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For Florida anyway. I know, I know. Anyone remotely north of the state is laughing at us for freaking out about flurries. Here's some perspective: It officially snowed in Jacksonville, FL just about 20 years ago. Seeing as I'm 24, and I was 4 or 5 at the time, I think this amazing cold weather is kinda an anniversary of some kind.

I like to pretend that old saying "When Hell freezes over" applies in this case. I have this great scene where Jesus and a few of his closest Angel friends somehow punked Lucifer that winter.

J-man: Dudes, I have the BEST idea this year.
Angel-Dude: Is it better than the pig thing?
Angel-Bro: Oh! Oh! Man! Dude, man! I. Freaking. LOVE. The pig thing. Holla for some Hell-Pit BBQ!
J-man: ...No. Better. We're making it SNOW in Florida!
Angel-Dude: ...
Angel-Bro: ...
J-man: It's genius, I know. Lucifer won't see this coming. This is going to be, wait for it .... LEGENDARY!!1!
Angel-Bro: ...Then we can grab some pig at Sonny's, right?

Somehow, Jesus became Neil Patrick Harris in "How I Met Your Mother" there. I'm not saying sorry, ha!

The next instance I can remember of extreme cold weather happened only about 5-6 years after that when it flurried. It was such an amazing moment that my elementary school stopped classes and let us go out and run around in the Trying Really Hard To Be Real Snow. It was a great ten minutes.

So, this year, 2010, with it's insane cold weather snap, J-man and his posse must be partying it up in remembrance of their totally awesome prank on Lucifer. Only, you know, Father-God didn't really approve of his party-hardy son changing weather patterns just for laughs, and only allowed J-man to flurry across Florida. Because Father-God still luls to himself that the prank worked all those years ago. He's a big softy, really.

In other news: My Kalua Brownie Car Cake was a smashing success!!

It was Nomed in under 10 mins. People wanted seconds! I feel proud and really happy K loved her cake.

Ok. Back to couch nesting and finishing the last episode of Being Human (I can safely say I love Russell Tovey. If I have to deal with him being a Ianto replacement to Jack, I can handle it. It's just creepy how much he can look like GDL sometimes. Russell is adorkable though)
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I think the state of Florida relocated in my sleep.

According to the forecast the high for Saturday is 38. As in degrees. The Low? 29. And it's going to rain. I'm not sure that Central Florida is going to be able to handle the extreme weather about to hit us.

Still, at least we won't look like this (taken Thursday).

There's so much to do today! K's birthday is next week, but since that's on a Tuesday and no one can do anything in the middle of the week, we're having her party tonight. I'm cooking again! She wants chicken and rice, the meatballs I made for New Years, and I'm baking her cake.

I say baking, more like experimenting dangerously. The idea seems sound, but we'll see if it can be pulled off.

The idea:

Kalua Brownie Cake.

Wait for it.

In the shape of a car.

Watch out now! I have Pixar Cars sprinkles and I'm going to use them!! Oh, and the irony of a drunk driving joke has not surpassed me. I'm loling to myself quietly. I'll try and find a working camera to document the monster I'm about to go start making.


John Barrowman - The new album (now due for release 1 March)

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Another productive spurt of energy used up which has ended with the reward of a warm bowl of delicious leftover noms and more clean dishes.

Funny story: in my drug induced floating around the house I swore to god someone was in my house with me. Speaking Spanish. I searched for a good 10 minutes, knife in hand, for anyone. Turns out my walls are a LOT less soundproof than I first thought, and my neighbors are having their yard ripped up and landscaped or something. I dunno. It's too cold, and I'm too sick to go investigate if any damage is happening to my own property.

I loled at myself a bit though.

More Heroes Babble!! )

God, last year was definitely not a good year for my characters.

No one die in '10 plskthxbai. (Roy, I'm looking at you, pal)

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There is a LJ app! This is (limited in features) quite awesome because since I'm fighting this flu/chest infection/girly time you can imagine anything requiring me to get out of my nest on my couch is not happening. I did manage to get the dishes done so I can say something was accomplished other than breathing freely today.

God Bless Hulu )

OK! Let us see if this app really works.

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There's only one day left of the year! I can't say that I'm sad to see 2009 go. I'm bloody ecstatic to see the year become history. Along with this flu I've had the last couple of days. It's like someone is squeezing in one more "F*** YOU" before the month is over. I have many hopes for 2010 not to suck as much as this past year.

I mean, it's been harsh financially, as with most people. It's also been harsh in my with most people. If I'm having a sucktastic day, why do I want to watch my favorite forms of escapism deal with the same crap? Why?! 2009 has been a year for all my favorite characters to fear. From Torchwood, to Fullmetal Alchemist, to Doctor Who, to geez, a few more I can't remember off the top of my head, it's been one big killing spree (or attempts). 2010. You better be the year of Love.

I'm not one to make Resolutions(tm) but I do have hopes to accomplish when new years begin. Let's see, I hope to have a more definitive answer on my graduation date. I hope not to be in debtor's prison. I hope to have worked on at least one film set again. I hope to remain healthy, if not become even better at taking care of myself.

Simple life hopes. :D

As with what's been going on this past Holiday Season, I can safely confirm my family is utterly insane. Isn't everyone's, you ask? Oh no, my friend. My family is it's own specially created floor of crazy. My mom's increased her zoo to 8 cats, 2 birds, 2 hermit crabs, 4 chickens, and a number of opossum/raccoons she leaves food out for over night. That's the tally after one chicken randomly laid down and died in the dirt. However I guess there's some weird universal animal checks and balances going on with my mom. So she gained another cat to fill in the vacancy. The animals are precious and I love them to bits, but dear god woman, enough is enough.

I'm trying to figure out how bad of a person I am by thanking god for some "normal people drama" during the holidays. My poor cousin ended up pregnant this past year and has now found herself practically on her own to raise the baby. Her mother, to my absolutely confused shock, has kicked her out and stopped talking to her. Now, see, the family on my dad's side has always been the ones I look to for normal. They are a little closed minded, Southern (and all that entails with traditions) but have always believed in putting family first. My cousin's mother is not a blood relative, which is the only explanation I have for what's going on. Can you tell I'm glossing over? Oh yes! I am so glossing over, but bear with me. The whole family is really wanting to help my cousin, but the mother is standing in the way. *sigh* Mothers. At least my cousin has her adorable devoted boyfriend there for her. Silver linings!

Also: I am a food ninja!

Bendi is still suffering from Bartonella. It keeps coming and going and the battle is never ending. HOWEVER! I have discovered a new trick. I'm taking pouches of delicious wet food and just pouring it over a couple handfuls of dry food. I still make her the Pokemon Treats from time to time, but since the holidays have seen me not at home very much I'm am so glad she's loving this new way to eat.

Also: I totally caught her chewing on their outside chair. CHEWING! With her TEETH! Which means she can no longer pull the "No mom, it hurts to eat it" routine with me. I'm on to you cat!!

This is what I get for not posting in a while. Lol!
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Here's the last part (I promise!)

New Herald pt 4 )
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Here's is Part 3. 1 and 2 below.

New Herald pt 3 )
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Here is Part 2 of my script. Because I knew LJ would make me split this up! for Part 1 below :D

New Herald pt 2 )
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As is my typical luck, I've gotten myself screwed over on two of my finals this semester. I have no more energy to really detail what happened, but I can safely say I won't be getting good grades in those classes.

Moving on!

My Writing for Film and TV class is sadly over *crai* but! I has awesome story now :D

I promised to post my progress on the project and did my best with what I had. Now I can post the "packet" we have to turn in as the final project. Let me explain how it's structured. There are at least 22-23 scripted pages. In between the sections of script are the Steps of the Step Outline (heavily edited since posted here last). So it's not the ENTIRE script, as that would be almost 90 pages written out, but it is the complete story. I expect LJ is going to make me split this up...

New Herald )
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HAH! I wish it had!

The irony hasn't missed me that I post about the multiple attempts on my life in one day, then .... nothing for almost a whole month.

I'm alive!! They still haven't gotten me!

The Great Noming of Turkey event distracted me from my normal routine even more. In fact, I think the only reason I'm posting this at all is because I'm trying to procrastinate working on my Finals' projects. I don't want to write 2500 words on Godard movies! I can't STAND his movies!! *crai* I'm sure I'll accomplish the goal however. Especially since [ profile] cakely_yours (who really can't understand how amazing she really is!) gifted me a 16gb 1st Gen iTouch for Christmas!!!!

Freak out doesn't even begin to describe my reaction to it.

Also, I'm hopelessly addicted to the bugger. I have no clear memory of how I effectively scheduled my life Pre-Awesome compared to my ridiculously organized life Post-Awesome. I certainly wouldn't be making it through these projects without the thing. I still need to give the iTouch a proper name though...It deserves it.

Anyway, I have Step Outlines to revise and finalize, script pages to write, French movie makers to drag across glass. Well, maybe not so much on the last bit if I want a decent passing grade!
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You tried. You really did. You almost succeeded in killing me today, but I stand the victor!


I'm going to go kill things in my game I risked life and limb for now.
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It didn't take 3 months this time! What impresses me more is that I was using a brand new program that at one point didn't save 2 full minutes of this vid. Oi. I had to start all over but managed to get everything back to the way I had it. That one, major, glitch aside I completely recommend using Sony Vegas Movie Maker. It has a built-in tutorial system that is the best I've ever seen. Seriously. I learned more from following it than I did my editing professor. Another perk? It allows .avi files unlike Adobe Premier (I still don't know why they did that). And! It doesn't make tons of bulky files that fill up your HD.

So without further ado:
Title: Just Have Fun
Song: "Let It Happen" by Jimmy Eat World
Summary: The Master reveling in his own brilliance. I was going for serious but an odd humor in it.
Spoilers: Oh, just the entire ending of Series 3. Utopia, The Sound of Drums, The Last of the Time Lords

Chances are as ridiculously pleased as I am with this, I will come back to this at a much later date and tweek it around a bit. It never hurts to go over beginner projects.


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