Jan. 11th, 2010


Jan. 11th, 2010 08:30 pm
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I'm at a creative crossroads...

K's real birthday is tomorrow, and I have yet to finish anything I wanted to make her. Well, besides the Awesome Kalua Cake, but really, that was an essential bit of the whole "birthday party" thing. Seeing as I am still dealing with a chest infection that is refusing to listen to reason, I have time on my hands to finish one of the many projects.

Which are mostly fanfic for her.

I have one story, a Ghost Adeventures story, that I could finish. It's been on my mind constantly since I started it and I would love to get it done. It was written for her specifically anyway. It's where the whole "Dude-Man-Bro" joke came from. Oh, and the whole story is based off of Zac decreeing in one ep "There were wars declared on this fort!" Yes, sweetie, that's what it's there for. *pat,pat*

I also have a Torchwood/WoW/Multi-verse story bouncing around in my head. It's birthday themed. Trolls and Jack's coat get involved, and well, things kinda spiral into Hell from there. Especially when Zu'Bafu wants to decorate the cake with his fire totem.


I can draw the poster I had sketched out for her. But god, that would take hours of me bent over the table/board inking since I don't have a proper drawing desk. I don't think I can handle that as I already ache way too much from having to work yesterday.

I'm going to to go reread that Ghost Adeventures story and see if it takes with me atm. Probably my best option.

Also, the latino workers are back at it next door. I swear to god they're repainting the house with a broken car's alternator. That was my alarm clock this morning when I was actually happily cocooned in my bed breathing ok. /sigh


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