Jan. 5th, 2010

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There is a LJ app! This is (limited in features) quite awesome because since I'm fighting this flu/chest infection/girly time you can imagine anything requiring me to get out of my nest on my couch is not happening. I did manage to get the dishes done so I can say something was accomplished other than breathing freely today.

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OK! Let us see if this app really works.

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Another productive spurt of energy used up which has ended with the reward of a warm bowl of delicious leftover noms and more clean dishes.

Funny story: in my drug induced floating around the house I swore to god someone was in my house with me. Speaking Spanish. I searched for a good 10 minutes, knife in hand, for anyone. Turns out my walls are a LOT less soundproof than I first thought, and my neighbors are having their yard ripped up and landscaped or something. I dunno. It's too cold, and I'm too sick to go investigate if any damage is happening to my own property.

I loled at myself a bit though.

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God, last year was definitely not a good year for my characters.

No one die in '10 plskthxbai. (Roy, I'm looking at you, pal)

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