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....or make you have to change your underwear from laughing so hard you wee yourself a bit.

I love John Barrowman. I'm sure you all didn't know that, so to prove it I'll say it again: I love John Barrowman.

He's had a rather incredible life with plenty of dreams coming true for himself. One dream in particular was to host a Saturday night variety/entertainment show and last year that dream became a reality. Tonight's The Night aired for six episodes and focused on the common person's dreams and hopes of performing. John Barrowman became "Mr. Saturday Night" and made those dreams possible for very deserving people. On top of all that, he allowed people to be recognized or thanked, or just generally shown how loved they were by their family and friends; all on British national television.

This show has real heart. This show will make you bawl one moment and have you dancing the next. This show is undeniably John Barrowman. What's more important is that all of it is happening because John wants to give back and make the average person happy. He loves everyone as much as they love him. I'm in awe of this special guy.

So how ecstatic was I when a second series of TTN was announced last month? VERY DAMN EXCITED, that's how much.

There's a trailer out for it, link Tweeted by JB himself, linked below the cut.

There's also a clip released of one John's (now famous) hidden camera moments where he goes undercover to surprise the totally unaware nominee for the show. And that is the reason I've put this post together. See, the clip is on the BBC iPlayer which means us Yanks can't watch it.

Good thing I'm devious enough to get it to play for me >:]

So here's another round of: LOOK AT THIS! THIS, LOOK AT IT!

Chief Steward, Francis Stryder, kindly directs you to click the cut for further LOLZ

So the set up, as far as the small preview clip let's us see is this: A flight attendant, Carol, thinks she's leading a recording of a training video. She's completely unaware the entire room is in on it. So, in comes JB dressed up in uniform complete with blonde wig and fake teef for added comedic effect. He goes through the motions of doing the flight attendant jobs as if they're really recording the training video but screws up everything. Here are some screen caps for your viewing pleasure:

So, by this point he demonstrates how to latch the belt buckle and drops it. Then moves on to the inflatable life vests. Carol is having a hard time holding it together. (Don't worry Carol, anyone watching this would be laughing too!)

He tries to pull the vest over his head but his glasses get stuck. He then does this twirl thing showing how to tie the vest around the waist (failing at that too) and all the while the whole room is LOLing and the instructions dude is still reading on about inflation...

So what does Mr. Stryder, Chief Steward do? Why he fully demonstrates of "accidentally" pulling the red cord causing the vest to inflate. His facial reaction in the video is priceless. These screen caps just don't do it justice.

Meanwhile the directions dude is still reading what one is supposed to do in case the vest does not properly inflate. "You *blow* into the ..." and right there, you can see JB trying not to lose it because you know his mind went there and he's fighting every giggle instinct he has not to break character.

Unfortunately that's all of the clip. I am dying to see the rest of this and the other shenanigans JB got up to while filming TTN. I just finished treating myself to the first season as a reward for working on a film set all day, and glad the show is airing again on the 17th this month. I'll certainly be link/torrent hunting for it!

Here's the trailer JB said in his Tweet: " - The trailer for TONIGHTS THE NIGHT, I am extremely proud and excited. ANOTHER BARROWMAN BARKER ADVENTURE. JB"

This man is truly a gift to the world.

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Date: 2010-07-11 09:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Once it has been seen, it can not be unseen =X That face is now BURNED into my BRAIN

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Date: 2010-07-12 02:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You're welcome.

I also want to believe this is the evil twin of JB. He doesn't have a goatee but honestly....does he need it?

Evil twin of JB, or brother of Otou-san (which still makes him evil)


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