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You would think I would have been all over this show, but I really didn't want to watch it. At first. Then it just kept coming on and I had to keep changing the channel. The bugger wouldn't go away, so finally, one night I watched a full episode. Then another. Then *another* (it was a marathon leading up to the season finale.) and MAN I fell in love with this show.

Deadliest Catch

That's right. These motherfuckers.

When I first heard the premise for this show it sounded so boring. I'm not a fan of fishing shows, which is ironic considering I love to fish. I dunno, the idea of watching someone else fish while I'm landlocked never has appealed to me (I understand you can learn tricks, etc, but come on).

So then came this show. It may be called Deadliest Catch but really, the haul is secondary to what the show really is about:

SURVIVAL. Why yes, that is a literal WALL of Water coming at them, why do you ask?

The people are real. The show doesn't do anything to take away from that, which is rare enough in today's TV market. The Captains are real men doing this insane job for a living. I feel I can speak with authority on this having grown up around Captains of various styled ships/boats. But I digress. These men do this insane job because they literally fish for two months, make upwards to 200k then go play for the rest of the year somewhere not covered in 4ft of ICE. Well, most do. Some stick around and fish whatever else is in season.

My point here is this: everything is real. Their lives are constantly in jeopardy from the sea, the weather, or the ship itself. This realness drives the show forward while taking you along for the ride. The "story" is character driven. You fall in love with these men being insane in the arctic circle.

That's not pleasant sea foam lapping gently against their hull, that's SHEETS of ICE trying to kill them.

This is easily a show to set running and just veg all day. I think there's some weird voodoo involved because I've lost time with this show. I really can't explain it, but for a show I thought I would hate and be bored with, I'm hopelessly in love with it.

Also, I think the cameramen should get screen time of their own. Because SERIOUSLY:

"Hold on! I've got the perfect shot!"

Oh, and definitely voodoo going on because the show is so popular there's an honest to god Video Game for it. I shit you not. (...I'd so play it, omg)

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