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I sat here long and hard trying to wrack my brain to fit this. I went through many, many, many, scenes of Burn Notice because I knew that show is all about BEST SCENES EVAR.

Sadly, this isn't going to be answered with Micheal Weston playing a gang against superstition (dude, he snaps and things explode [seemingly] randomly!!). Why? Because apparently the internet has not realized the epicness of that scene. So in favor of something to embed, I have to whole heartily agree that this chosen scene is the Best Scene Ever. I really do meant it, this is a perfect choice for this.

West Wing Presidential Debate

"Can we have it back please?"

This scene is technically three wrapped together, but I'll be lenient here because it shows just what a great marriage the President and First Lady have. He probably would have kicked that debate's ass anyway, but it was her being insane and spontaneous that added that extra fuel to flame for Bartlett to really sell it. Also, I absolutely adore how he winds up his arm before slapping Mrs. Bartlett on the ass. Shit is priceless.

It also shows his amazing team of people doing what they do best. I loved this show, and need to go back to it, because honestly, while this was on air there was NO better TV to be seen.

P.S. This scene should totally get mentioned here as well. But I didn't feel it was *quite* epic enough for this post. So, Runner Up:

Glee - Rose's Turn

I had goosebumps watching this. Really, I was amazed at this scene.

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