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Again, since I was having to deal with the DECADES decades decades of Doctor Who history, I stuck to the new show's era.

Also, I had to think too much again to answer this one. Dang it!

Doctor Who - Planet of the Dead

Or, also called Hoshit, the sand is people!

This was the first of four specials to air during 2009 because the BBC was in the beginnings of a major budget crisis, and David Tennant had announced he was leaving the show to pursue his career elsewhere. There was no bad reason for him leaving, he just felt since RTD and Julie Gardner were also set on leaving for greener pastures in LA, California, he'd hop off the ride as well. End on a high note. I totally respect that decision.

All those stresses show in this ep.

Now, it is probably because this is the very first episode of Doctor Who shot in full, beautiful HD, but from the beginning the tone of it didn't feel Doctor Who. Admittedly, David Tennant himself had just come off a major run of Hamlet for the RSC and on top of that major back surgery. He did say in his little video diary that he had a hard time talking like the Doctor and joked about the Doctor suddenly having a posh accent.

The first scenes are of a cat burglar in a museum who flees the guards by hopping onto a double decker bus. Ok. As she does so the Doctor hops on FOR NO REASON. It's clearly just in the script to get the story going. Usually the Doctor has a clever meaning for randomly interfering with his soon to be one-time companion, but nope. His little antenna stopped working, and that's the most important thing because besides Easter chocolate and hinting he knewOH JESUS THEY'RE GETTING EXPLODED BY SOMETHING!!

Scary to think this epic damage caused a rewrite of the script that *added* extra action. I'm scared to think what the script was like before...

Fun to note here that they shot this episode in the sand dunes of Dubai (interiors were shot in Wales, obviously). They also bought two double decker buses for this shoot. One got destroyed when a crane operator *accidentally* dropped a cargo container ON TOP OF THE ONE THING EASILY SMASHED. It's like even the Fates were trying to tell us the episode was going to be a let down.

This ep is supposed to be the Doctor's last fun hurrah (that we see anyway) before the next specials lead him into his regeneration. Unfortunately, it just falls flat. I wish I could be intelligent here and really pinpoint what aggravated me so much about this episode ...but I dunno. It just didn't have the right *feel* to it. The best I can explain is that my beloved Doctor Ten was suffering from the cancer known as EPIC. Not that he's not epic, but in the sense that in some meeting to plot out the specials they had to be EPIC. So let's push it to where it's never been! Let's send the Doctor to another planet without the TARDIS and with an annoying sorta-companion (WHO FALLS IN LOVE WITH HIM) and ...whatever. I didn't like this episode.

Oh, yeah. Lookit that. Whole world of Nothingness fun. :D

The Monsters were neat and scary at least.

OM NOM NOM NOM We're flying around this planet at increasing speeds that will eventually rip a wormhole into existence to your planet so we can eat you and poop sand out too!

But, more importantly, the only thing saving this episode was Malcolm Taylor (Lee Evans) the ultimate fanboy.

He's so adorable!

He literally is gifted with the scripted lines of I LOVE YOU, DOCTOR! more than 3 times AND gets to hug him. I mean, he was totes representing the fandom there. The good fandom. Not the creepy ones that would have done slightly more than hug the Doctor Tennant. Plus, he had a pinstriped scarf matching the Doctor's suit. Let me repeat: HE HAD A PINSTRIPED SCARF MATCHING THE DOCTOR'S SUIT!!

Honestly, you could have cut the episode with just the bus disappearing, his phone conversation with the Doctor, and the bus safely returning somehow complete with Malcom's fanboying and the DOOM!Prophecy given to the Doctor, and it would have been better.

So here, have more Malcom. Because I really wish Lee Evans would reprise the role, or get his own spinoff. What? It could work. He could totally be the new scientist for Torchwood.

Explaining to the Doctor the numbers he just INVENTED. No lie.


Now I am going to go finish my tea concoction that just may be the end of me (hot earl grey with vanilla Silk and a shot of Firefly. mmmmmmmmwarming.)"

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