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I was not expecting to have to *think* this much for a meme!! After spending an entire day mulling over decades of material I could pick from ... I've cheated a little bit.

Since this is the day for favorite ep from favorite show, I narrowed my options to the modern Doctor Who. Still tough, but in the end I realized what my favorite episode was. Once I thought about re-watch counts, it was obvious.

The Sound of Drums & The Last of the Time Lords

OK! I cheated again, but honestly...can you watch either of these without the other?

The bottom line for choosing the eps to the end of Series 3 is because of all the canon that ties back into the story arc shown. I've rewatched these eps countless times because I was trolling for info on the Master, Jack Harkness, Gallifrey, and so on. I am a huge, huge, fan of tie-in eps and well, these were great for it! You get to see what Jack got up to after the events of Series 1 Torchwood, and also why he was a bit different emotionally in Series 2 (poor Jack ;_; ). Then there is the Master. Oh, John Simm! He ate up this role (lol see what I did there?) and you can just *tell* he was having a blast playing the villain.

There is a LOT going down in just these two.
-An entire year of hell and nightmares thanks to the Master.
-Captain Jack Harkness being held captive (among other insinuations) in chains down in the bowels of the Valiant.
-Martha Jones walking the entire bloody Earth like some kind of saint spreading the gospel of the one man bringing salvation to all the peoples of the planet.
-The Doctor telling the legend of Gallifrey to his kids Jack and Martha.

-The Doctor getting grandpa-fied, then Dobby the House Elf-fied and kept in a bird cage.

-Master rocking out to Scissor Sisters while simultaneously being pimp and destroying/conquering the world.

Did I mention the tent, straw bedding, and dog bowl set out for the Grandpa Doctor by the Master? No? Well, it's technically a kids show, ok family show, oh fuck it, the Master has total control issues and the show's makers had no qualms in showing it.

I think also, my love for these episodes comes from my weird fascination with post-apocolyptic scenarios. I've watched The Postman more than twice just to prove this point to you.

So in the end, this two-parter is my favorite out of the revamped Who. It hit all the right buttons with me and I can still watch it all and enjoy it. (Sparkly Jesus Doctor and all!)

The other episode that was battling for first btw, was the other two-parter in Series 3: Human Nature & Family of Blood. Series 3 in general holds the most favorites for me and it's a shame to see parts of fandom hate that series!

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