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Should I even cut this? You all know what I'm going to answer anyway. LOL

Doctor Who

Yeah, knew you wouldn't be surprised ;]

This one is the only show that can be put here. There's a lot of history (for the show and for me personally) that's special for Doctor Who and most people never will know it. Starting in 1963 the Doctor has been roaming the Universe with random humans he's picked up along the way, all looking for excitement and adventure. Sometimes they get a little more of each than they bargained for. Everything and anything has happened to the Doctor you can think of, but what makes it my favorite show ever is the legend it's become. It's not as known here in the States (a very sad sad thing) but in Britain, oh in Britain, it's become an important fixture in their culture and heritage. Pretty amazing for a Sci-fi show in 1963!

All 12 regenerations of the Doctor to date.

I love the audacity of this show. Anything is possible in this universe. The crazy alien ideas to the literally not joking bubblegum and shoestring sets, it all adds to the legend and lure of Doctor Who.

The character of the Doctor goes from an insane, grumpy old man, to a character that you can't help but love immediately and feel safe with. The Doctor, a 900 something Time Lord, has literally grown up on screen. It's really interesting that One was the oldest actor to play the Doctor, and Eleven is now the youngest!

If you were Barbara and Ian (first companions of One) you would constantly be questioning your survival chances. Fast forward to Ten and Eleven, and well, the body count is still the same, but you just KNOW as soon as the Doctor walks into the room you're gonna be fine. The poor man leaves a wake of corpses wherever he travels, but he has companions of the highest and most loyal calibre.

What's really amazing is how much impact this small show has had on the industry.

Some perspective:
In 1963: one episode would cost only 5,000 pounds with roughly 6 serials per series, take 1-2 days to shoot after only 4-5 days rehearsal, and filmed in the smallest space the BBC could alot them.

In 2010: an entire series (of 13 episodes) costs around 13,000,000 pounds, takes around 9 months to shoot, and is now filmed all over Britain with the current series taking them to Croatia a couple times.

It also had Verity Lambert leading the show. A female producer in the early 60's? Unheard of anywhere else. Most important is she made the show a success by believing in it and making things happen even if the men at the BBC said no. I would have loved to meet her!

I was born in 1985, so the show in Britain had just finished Tom Baker's (Fourth Doctor) run and had gotten started with Colin Baker! The only way I ever saw it was thanks to late night PBS programming and my parents letting me have a TV in my room. Something John Barrowman and I have in common! I would be put to bed, wake up around 11p specifically to watch Doctor Who re-runs with Tom Baker and his fantastic scarf, then put myself back to bed. Thankfully, the show aired mostly on weekend nights if I remember correctly. Those are great memories, though! Most people talk about being kids and watching Dracula, or the Twilight Zone scare them witless....but I had a daft old alien, bumbling around in a tattered blue Police Box scaring off all mannor of monsters. It was so British.

Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor with his iconic scarf.

But still, this is my favorite show for many, many, many more reasons than just that. In it's newer series' it's brought a ton of laughs and made more new memories with friends (I've brow-beat gotten hooked on it). It's introduced me to actors who have literally changed my life. It's given me a fandom to call home when I was drifitng around the internet clueless as to what that really meant.

Most importantly, it hasn't changed. Sure, it's shinier with its bigger budget and modern story telling structure, but the Doctor hasn't changed. The people he chooses to be his companions hasn't changed. The Daleks still make me laugh no matter how creeped out I'm getting by them. I really love this show, because it has a history with me and always a future.

Captain Jack Harkness, Doctor Ten, and Martha Jones from Series 3 of the modern show.

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