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If I was doing this meme last year it wouldn't be nearly this hard. There is quite a list to choose from here: V, White Collar, The Vampire Diaries, Modern Family, Glee, Justified, just to name a few I've watched.

White Collar

To solve the hardest crimes, hire the smartest criminal.

I honestly could have picked any of the ones I listed for first place, perhaps The Vampire Diaries in second place with Modern Family and Glee as runner ups.

Anyhoot: White Collar. A new series on the USA network this season that deals with a FBI Agent (Peter Burke) and Con Artist (Neal Caffrey) partnership to solve white collar crimes (forgeries, art thefts, fake bonds etc). Neal has his own agenda of finding his lost love Kate who seems to be in trouble from a shadowy figure, so he looks for her in secret with his BFF Mozzie (Willie Garson). Mozzie is like the ultimate conspiracy theorist mixed with badass because he is usually completely correct in his paranoia.

He's also an amazing dresser.

The thing that makes this the absolute best show this season is that the partnership works so well. Peter isn't played off as the constantly failing law enforcement officer with the clever thief constantly besting him. Peter, in fact, is quite often on par or a step just ahead of Neal. It's magic in the chemistry with the two. Tim Dekay (Peter) and Matt Bomer (Neal) are one of those casting miracles that is so great it doesn't matter what the plot is about;you could sit and watch the Tim & Matt show all day.

Another plus is the healthy, strong marriage between Peter and Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen). One of my favorite scenes of the series is where she's doing laundry and finds another woman's phone number in her husband's coat pocket. Instead of the average reaction we always see in TV (for great drama! /sarcasm) she just outright asks him what's going on. Then, another miracle happens: Peter actually tells her! He had to go under cover for a case and the lady came onto him, hence the number. Elizabeth listens to his explanation then covers her mouth as if she's going to cry.....only she's not. She's laughing!

El: "Oh, honey! You can't flirt! *LOL*"

Peter whole heartedly agrees with her.

Did this really just happen on TV?! Later in the same episode she actually coaches Peter on flirting through a phone call with the lady in question and gets valuable information on the case. Elizabeth finds the whole situation hysterical and poor Peter is just thankful it's over with. They are the best married couple on TV!

El will kick your ass before you even know it.

When watching Peter, Neal, and Elizabeth you can't help but feel there is something deeper going on with the characters. Perhaps it's my inner fangirl that's been trained by Jack Harkness, but there is so much sexual tension between these three. Seriously. Neal is practically like the Burke's new family pet.

With the show being called "White Collar" and the camera angle choices during scenes with the trio, it's hard to think this threesome tension is on accident. There are blatant parallels shown with Neal and the Burke's real dog Satchmo throughout the show. Not to mention, the dialogue and the clear affection (and need for) from Neal to the Burkes drives the idea home. And how does Elizabeth act toward Neal following Peter home? She *pets* him and gets angry at Peter for trying to kick Neal out.

It's kinky and adorable. Honestly, you'd have to be blind not to see the Dom/Sub theme running through this show.

Speaking of dialogue, the show's biggest thing going for it is its treatment of the audience: intelligently. Nothing on the show is dumb downed. White Collar is witty, creative, and smart and treats its viewers with love and the highest respect. If you are looking for a show that is clearly in love with its characters and wants its audience to be too, you could do far, far worse than White Collar.

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