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Most of the shows I'm currently watching have a huge fanbase already and healthy this took a lot of thought.

Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching

Legend of the Seeker

After his father is murdered, a son's search for justice begins a momentous fight against tyranny.

Why? Because this show is sexy! It's about Richard the simple farm boy that isn't aware of how important he is or the prophecy that claims he will save the world. Kinda a cut and paste fantasy premise, I know, but the story is endeering and the characters or extremely loveable. Basically, he's like Aang from Avatar in the sense he's supposed to be this top fighter/magician/leader person but has to go on a Hero's Journey(tm) to train and learn why exactly that is.

The plot really is not bad at all. The show can get a bit corny at times but even then you just smile at it and pat it's wee head like you do a favorite silly dog. Oh, did I mention the show is sexy? Because there is plenty of sexy going on in this show (v. important reason people should watch it):

Not to mention there is plenty of dark in the overall world of Seeker. There is a dictator (Darken Rahl) taking over the known world, turning happy villages into depressing places where the people are too terrified to fight back for freedom. Sounds like a world in need of a hero!

Too bad one reason Rahl is taking everything over is because the Seeker, Richard, was prophecized to kill Rahl. So he does what any other self respecting villain would do. He tries to take over the world in attempt to kill the Seeker.

Those plans always work out so well.

Oh, and those two chicks in the form fitting red leather? Dominatrix mages. They're called something else, obviously, but that's exactly what they are. There is an entire sisterhood devoted to these bitches to train their magic in breaking and enslaving whomever they want (or whom Rahl tells them to).

The only thing that I was about when watching the first season was Zedd. Not the character, because he is all sorts of bad ass and awesome, but the casting choice is just.... Ok, look, Bruce Spence just creeps me out. That's it. I got used to him by the end of the season, but he was jarring at first. Teeth and eyes. Teeth. Eyes.

Darken Rahl makes it all worth it however. He may be the bad guy but I was totally willing to let him be my dictator *cough*

There's one scene I'll always remember clearly because it made me sit up and really pay attention to this show: Rahl has been playing a nice guy trying to trick this other person into trusting him. He gifts a kitten and this particular scene, where you kinda think Rahl *could* be a good guy if he wasn't so dickheaded fucknuts evil, he is gently petting the tiny kitten when one of his advisors enters with negative news about the latest plot to capture the Seeker. The camera has cleverly panned up into a mid shot of Rahl so you know he's still holding the kitten but you can't see it when suddenly there is a snapping noise and oops! Dead kitten.

That's right. Rahl kills kittens. And he doesn't care about you either.

Kahlan, the one tasked with finding the legendary Seeker and returning the previous Seeker's Big Book O'Knowledge (also the love interest), is pretty damn hawt and badass as well.

So, Legend of the Seeker. More people need to watch this show. It's wrapping up its second season but is in trouble of getting renewed. There is a huge campaign called Save Our Seeker, to prove there is a great fanbase wanting more.

I've gotten hooked on so many other shows that I let this one slip by. I haven't even watched the second season yet myself, but I see it pop up on Hulu consistently reminding me I need to watch it. I fell in love with the characters, costumes, the gorgeous locations used to shoot, and more importantly, Richard is sex on legs:

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