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Well I've had a busy and productive holiday weekend!

This past Memorial Day was The Big Event for my SCA peeps. Crown Lyst was happening and our group mom was being fought for. What this means is two things:
1) If her fighter won, then they would be next king and queen :D.
2) The entire household's lives would be hella busy for the next year or so.

Unfortunately, her fighter didn't win, he placed 3rd, but even though we were all really disappointed it was still great fun, and I got to be in a procession for someone! I feel all official SCA now :D ....I just need to pay my membership fees...>> er, yeah.

If you have no idea what I am talking about : SCA

K got a LJ! :D Now I'll have to be calling her [ profile] raziki_42 lol She's doing really silly "Email Stories" for fun like in the old days before we were hip cats that used the intarwebs for more than email.

The past couple of weeks have also been totally taken over by Assassin's Creed II. OMG you guys, this is so gorgeous and filled with HOURS of interesting things to do. The plotline will make your head hurt (in the good way) and I am hopelessly in love with an assassin. This seems to be a theme in my life *cough* Soku *cough* Integra *cough*

I've since beaten the game and it's crazy ass storyline complete with timey whimey events, conspiracies, and general WTFery only then to fall down a rabbit hole with a story idea.

That's right. My brain in the span of a day, rebelled against my weak attempts to stop it and produced what has got to be the most complicated mess I have ever gotten my creative self into. I somehow combined the Assassin's Creed franchise with Doctor Who/Torchwood. AND IT WORKS!

If you haven't played the game, you will not understand me when I say how mind blowing h00j this project would be. Here's an idea: the Pieces of Eden are used/sought by our modern day Templars only for events to occur that bring in the Torchwood Crew. Ezio Auditore da Firenze is pulled to the future where he is tasked with assassinating Jack but becomes allies instead. Altair is still alive (sorta). The Doctor has some answering to do on behalf of Those Who Came Before. Oh, and the Royal Family are werewolves. But we knew that one already thanks to Doctor Ten. There are already tons of smaller details plotted for this. Basically it's all: I just accidentally...all time space.

Here's the scene that started it all! (Spoilers, I guess, if you haven't played ACII)

Pieces of Eden

He's eyelevel with Altair's waist, tracking the movement of ethereal smoke caressing the legendary assassin's body. He wants to speak against the impossibilities of this, to close his eyes against the machine resting on the raised dais, all seamless glass and metal, but he can't. He knows now. He is not dreaming. This is not an illusion created by The Apple. All of this insanity is real and happening for a reason. He was pulled into the future because of some elaborate plot of his ancestor’s. He wonders briefly if this is what Jesus’ followers felt like after the third day: them a disciple of God, and he a disciple of Altair's creed.

The Assassin's Guild emblem on Altair's sash sparkles with frost from the deep cold of stasis, drawing Ezio in closer. Jack is silently watching near the entrance with a look of complete understanding. He knew the price of looking for answers, Ezio was sure of that. The immortal had walked the assassin's path before.

Ezio's hand hovers over the glass tomb. Fingers used to decisive actions now ghost over the surface. He's afraid to commit to touching because this version of Altair is so different than the marble statue he once sat and studied for hours at a time. Instead of iron bars and puzzle locks keeping him safe, it was impossibly clear and sturdy glass. This science was indeed magic.

One would think, Ezio muses to himself, having been faced with a secret chamber in the Sistine Chapel where false gods slumbered, one could be a little more accepting of a situation like this. Ezio huffed out his held breath and purposefully splayed his palm against the cold stasis chamber.

"Nulla é reale, tutto é lecito." he whispered, still watching the curling fog.

Jack came up slowly to stand next to him, his gaze watching the smoke as well. He had his arms crossed to a point it looked like he was hugging himself. For some reason, this calmed Ezio. He knew in this moment he could trust Jack Harkness regardless of what he had been first led to believe.

"That's beautiful." Jack smiled at him. "Prayer?"

"No." Ezio dropped his hand away from the glass leaving behind a foggy print. "I do not believe in such things anymore." The hand print quickly vanished.

Jack studied him a moment, raised an eyebrow.

"It means," Ezio sighed, "'Nothing is true, everything is permitted.' It is the creed I follow; that he followed."

"Progressive." Said Jack, face lighting up into a leering grin. Ezio seemed to ignore it much to Jack's dismay. "You understand he's still alive in there. He's been frozen, stopped essentially, to be woken up at another point in time."

The young assassin wet his lips while flexing his fingers. "And you understand, this impossible man is a legend to me. A myth almost. Because of him I scoured all of Fiorenze, Venetzia...half of Italia practically, for his codex pages in hopes of learning what he knew. This man is the reason I exist."

"Let's thaw him out then." Jack clapped a slightly stunned Ezio on the shoulder. "I love family reunions!"

"But...we are in the middle of a Templar controlled building."
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