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I'm doing research for a certain project and that involved lots of image trolling from Teh Interwebz. I am TERRIFIED OF THIS LITTLE GIRL.

First, let me say, I'm only vaguely aware of who Shirley Temple is. I grew up ordering the drink when going to bars with my dad, if that gives you any reference point.

I understand America clung to her as the movie industry started to explode and people needed escapes during the Depression. What better fantastical escapism could you ask for than an adorable child movie star that could do everything?

She sang, she danced, she made America fall in love with her. So why on God's Green Earth(tm) does this exist?! :
(Don't go below the cut if you're not in a position of easily explaining this away. i.e anywhere. I kid. No, really, NSFW)


I'll give you a description if you can't open the link. It's a poster/cover of some kind with a painted Shirley Temple wearing nothing (no really) except for jackboots, a peaked cap, a medal, and holding a riding crop. All with the backdrop of a swastika. The title of the production seems to be lolariously: What is it?

I don't know why this exists or what it exists for. It doesn't look like some modern rendition or statement. Anyway, I'm babbling because I just had such a OMGWTF moment I needed to exorcise my soul. I can't imagine this being ok artwork in 1930's Hollywood (See: Production Code, aka Hayes Code), as the image attached seems to be more appropriate for the era. Which is disgusting too, but hey, it's history.

(...objectifying wot?)


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